Curi Cancha Cloud Forest Reserve Guided Walk

  • 3 hours approximately Hours Total
  • Offered In English
  • Transportation Provided
  • Highly Recommended

The Curi Cancha Reserve is one of the newest known reserves of Costa Rica, its history is quite interesting since a great part of it today (about 50%), used to be pasture territory, the Lowther family who owned the property since the 1970’s invested their care and time into making it grow to the forest we can admire today and be part of the other 50% which was virgin forest and still remains.

It has become an icon place to visit for bird lovers, the trails and forests are not as dense as some other areas of the cloud forest which makes it even easier to spot hard to see species such as the Resplendent Quetzal, Three-Wattled Bellbird, Blue-Crowned Motmot and Orange-bellied Trogon, these species have their own migrating season and you can see them only for a few months of the year but there are over 200 different species that can be seeing throughout the year as well.

The trails are beautiful and natural and you can find a few open spaces and gardens that allows you to see more animals and to listen to the beautiful sounds of nature, some of the typical mammals to find are armadillos, coati, agouti, kinkajou, ocelot, sloths, and different species of monkeys.

While on a regular hike our guides will point out to interesting facts and you will be able to see so many birds, mammals, insects, reptiles and more that you wouldn't see if were on your own.

To make of this an even better experience you can add for an extra fee the visit to the sustainable farm El Rancho de Lelo and taste a delicious organic lunch where everything is produced and grown right at the farm, you can walk around and see the farm animals such as cows, pigs, chickens, tilapia ponds, coffee plantation, learn about how to be auto sufficient and get a peaceful meal surrounded by the mountains and rivers and beautiful landscapes. Make sure you mark this selection for a delightful lunch!

Tour Itinerary

7:30 am for morning tour or 1:00 pm for afternoon tour (approximate times): Your pick up at the hotel

Our local guide will be waiting for you at the lobby of the hotel, make sure you make it on time, the exact pick up time will be provided with the email confirmation we will send you. Time may vary depending in your hotel location

8:00 am for morning tour or 1:30 pm for afternoon tour (approximate times): Get ready to admire nature!

The hike will take approximately two and a half hours to complete, our professional guide will bring the equipment needed for a nice experience in the cloud forest, binoculars, telescope, etc in order to better spot amazing animals and take some great pics too.

9:30 am for morning tour or 2:45 pm for afternoon tour (approximate times): Time for a recess

After a nice hike and learning about the forest, it's flora and fauna we will stop at a beautiful clear spot in the forest to get some fresh air and fresh fruits, make sure you train your hearing or follow the guide’s instruction to check up on what is hiding up in the trees.

10:30 am for morning tour or 4:00 pm for afternoon tour: Get ready to go back to your hotel

After we finish the trek on Curi Cancha’s trails we will head to the exit and the van will drive you back to your hotel, the guide will say goodbye hoping you had the nicest time!

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