Sky Walk Hanging Bridges Monteverde

  • 3 hours approximately Hours Total
  • Offered In English
  • Transportation Provided
  • Highly Recommended

One of the best ways to get to know the mist cloud forests in Monteverde is from above, closer to the clouds in the amazing hanging bridges at the Sky Adventures Park, on the sky walk.

Our expert guide will take you to this fantastic park, naturally preserved to host thousands of species of plants, trees, animals, birds and insects, during the excursion you will learn everything about the species you can appreciate from the heights, see many hard to spot birds from the ground floor and be able to go on a fine stroll, not strenuous or exhausting but peaceful hike.

The walk lasts between 2 and 2.5 hours while the guide will take you through all 6 bridges of various lengths and altitudes on a 1.5 mile hike (2.5 kilometers). Everyone can enjoy this fun tour, kids, elderly people and the ones who are not in the best physical shape, it was made thinking on the entire family who by any reason can't go in regular hikes in the forest, you will all learn much on this educational opportunity and will see much of the flora and fauna that the cloud forest has to offer. This tour combines some ground floor little walks to reach the in between bridges from where you can have a panoramic view, take pictures and have a full experience in the forest.

Tour Itinerary

7:30 approximately: Be ready to start the day

At around 7:30 am our guide will be waiting for you at the lobby of the hotel, the exact pick up time will be given to you in the confirmation once the reservation has been made so you can be ready and on time.

8:00 am approximately: Enjoy the suspension bridges adventure!

At 8 o'clock the group will be ready to get started and go on a hike through the different hanging bridges and short walks between platforms. Make sure you pay attention to what the guide has to teach you, there is so much that you will miss if the guide wasn't with you…

9:15 am Approximately: Fresh fruits time!

A small recess in the woods will take place so you can all enjoy together of some water and tropical fruits of the season, recharge a little to continue with this natural adventure.

9:30 am Approximately: The adventure in the clouds continues

We will carry on, explore some more trails and bridges, enjoy the sounds of nature, the birds singing, animals hiding along the way and the last part of this interesting journey.

10:30 am approximately: Time to get back

After this unique experience has reached its end the guide will take you back to your hotel. Make sure you had all questions answered and that you enjoyed this fine adventure. Continue to look around the beautiful area and if are in the mood for a different excursion, just let us know, we have so much more to offer!

Frequently Asked Questions