Who We Are?

We are a Costa Rican FAMILY, a very united one, and big nature and outdoor lovers.

Edgar is the Dad, Ileana is the Mom. Counting 4 children - Edgardo, Yuliana, Ileana, and Jose, 1 daughter in law - Yorleny, and grandsons - Franco and Abraham.

We are the RainForest Explorers family, all working together to offer you a lifetime experience in the beautiful land we are honored to live in - our beautiful Costa Rica.

Been born and raised on a family that loves nature and outdoors, makes you a big nature lover too, plus living in this amazing country that gathers over the 5% of the World's biodiversity, allows you to live your passion to the fullest. I feel very fortunate to say “it is my life”, I am Yuliana, founder and a member of the Rainforest Explorers family.

I became involved with tourism in 2007 when I moved from my hometown, nearby the central valley, to the beautiful Arenal area, a very well known land by all my family since this is my grandma’s hometown; I got my first job at a company that leads tourism in Costa Rica, it didn’t took so long for me to discover that I had found a passion on what I was doing, I was an ambassador for people travelling in Costa Rica, planning entire vacations from West to East coast, central to highlands, rain to dry forests, and therefore discovering every wonder that Costa Rica offers. That was my job for over 10 years, as a travel specialist and based on travellers feedback, I noticed Arenal area is so magical and tours were becoming too commercial, therefore missing the essence of the most important sights and the most important local highlights that travellers want to discover when travelling here. A dream was just becoming true, I was developing my own project while working as a travel specialist and discovering from our customers what they enjoy the most and what they think is a must to see and do.

What We Do?

We are focused on offering you an exclusive experience, a distinctive service, a big day of awesome sights, exceeding the way you explore and enjoying the natural wonders, involving a bit of fun, encourage, amazing guides, great food, culture, breathtaking sceneries, and a memorable experience. We are looking forward to have you joining us to a wonderful expedition around the land of the majestic Arenal Volcano - Costa Rica.

As a family, we want to welcome you and invite you to travel with us, we are willing to create a life time experience for you. We guarantee top notch service, flexibility on your tours, the best certified guides in the area, the best meal, and a cultural experience at our private ranch which is part of all our combo tours, while enjoying all this you are supporting not only our family but all locals involved in this experience you are living. Thank you for trusting us.

Our Sustainability Policy

At Rainforest Explorers we are committed to lead as a developer of lifetime experiences and exclusive nature tours in the Northern Highlands of Costa Rica, within our daily tours we practice a commitment to protect and conserve natural resources, avoiding negative environmental impacts, continuously improving and innovating our services to fulfill the national environmental legislation. We reflect this commitment to all our guests through our practices and staff. In the same way, our attention to small groups offers a more personalized and informative service, which also allows to lower impact, seeking a balance between society, economy and environment, being those the most important pillars in the sustainable development of the country.

Our Mission

Leading in authenticity by offering unique life experiences to families, couples, seniors, groups of friends or single travelers; providing a high quality service, personalization and reliability. Promoting the preservation of the Costa Rican environment, culture and traditions.

Our Vission

Distinguish ourselves with travelers and providers as a reliable project that offers unique and authentic experiences, exceeding expectations in service and quality. Innovating our products towards excellence.