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From 9:00am to 9:00pm (anytime) Heaven on Earth!

There are five main springs source highly mineralized water that is heated underground by the Arenal Volcano’s magma. Thousands of gallons of this perfect water naturally emanate every minute. The thermal water flows throughout the resort, forming the Tabacon River. You will find dozens of cascading waterfalls and warm pools along the riverbed, of varying temperatures. A healing Spa!


Read some of the most asked questions about Tabacon Hot Springs.

Transportation is NOT included To or From Tabacon, you need to arrange your own transportation with the hotel you are staying at, is pretty easy, just ask at at front desk. There are many hotels in the area and the driving time will vary, it can be at 5 minutes away from hotels located in La Fortuna town, 10-15 or 20 minutes away depending on your location. The cost of a taxi will be as low as $10 per way up to $40-$50 If you are going on any of our tours and wish to add Tabacon Hot Springs please let us know, we can drop you off and you can save one way of transportation.
These are open to public from 10am to 10pm, you can arrive at any time as desire, it is convenient so you can get there after any activities you program during the day.
You can get the Day Pass with 1 or 2 meals, or the evening pass with dinner only. Which one do you prefer?
It is NOT recommended, it can cause a series of risks for the baby, it is recommended that the mother’s temperature to be kept below the 102.2 F, when on the hot springs it can easily take 10-20 minutes to get the body temperature to raise.
Tabacon Resort is also kid friendly, other than pregnant women everyone can go to the hot springs, it is relaxing and fun and the minerals get to enter the bodies for some cleansing too. There can be found many pools of different depths and temperatures, just look for the ones that can be adjusted to your kids size and temperature. There is also a wet bar, nice waterfalls and a water slide.
Don’t forget the bathing suit and a change of clothes There will be changing rooms and showers available.
Sure, there are lockers available, it will be required a $50 deposit which includes the locker and a towel, once the locker key and towel have been returned so will be the deposit. The deposit can be accepted in cash or credit card.
Is not necessary, you can get fresh towels at the facilities, with the deposit mentioned above.
Sure, keep in mind it will be under your supervision and we highly recommend a waterproof case.
If a shower or rain happens during the time at the hot springs, nothing happens, is all part of being in the rainforest, is actually quite nice to feel the cold rain water and while being on one of the pools. But if you see some lightning we recommend to stay outside, these don’t last long anyway.
There is a maximum of people allowed per day, is better to book in advance, specially if will be travelling for peak and high season (December to April).
At Tabacon, throughout the year cancellation will be without penalty if notified 15 days in advance, if notified 9-14 days then a 50% penalty will apply and no refund will be issued for cancellations made 8 days prior or less. There are a couple of Peak Seasons, these are usually the Christmas and New Years Eve and the Costa Rican Holy Week or springs break, in this case cancellation will be accepted with 45 days notice for a full refund, 44 days or less no refund will be made.
Yes, we offer pick up and drop off to most destinations in the country, please contact us to coordinate it and quote the extra fee.
You will find that all pools offer natural hot spring pools , the actual river flows throughout all pools and waterfalls in the property. The temperature varies from 34 to 42 degrees Celsius, offering you the opportunity to experience bathing just the way you like it.
We have in Arenal Tropical weather, it means is usually hot and humid with some rain always on the sight, not heavy rain, usually sun showers towards the end of the afternoon or late evenings. During the months of January, February, March which are considered to be summer, temperature goes between 28°-32° Celsius or 82-90 Fahrenheit and during the rainy season it varies from 22°-28° centigrades or 71-82 Fahrenheit.
That's a great question, there are many different resorts that offer hot springs, some are for guests use only which is fine because are more exclusive and quiet but if wish to explore more options or if you stay at a hotel with no hot springs there are plenty of options to choose from. Tabacon Resort and Spa Being one of the most popular natural hot springs spot in the world most visitors come to enjoy the peaceful surroundings with a variety of pools of different temperatures and sizes all hidden within the most wonderful and attractive tropical gardens that open up the way for relaxing exploration. The pools are filled with water from an actual hot water river that flows all around the property. There is anything more natural than this. Temperatures vary from 22° to 40° Celsius (72-105F) and you can see small natural cascades to soften your body and spirit. 2. Baldi Hot Springs Consider as the largest hot springs in the world it offers 25 pools of all sizes and temperatures amidst the rainforest surrounded by waterfalls and caves so that everyone can enjoy. Is more like a family place, it offers a water playground for the little ones, water slides, caves to explore, wet bars and restaurants so that everybody can spend a relaxing and fun time. 3. Los Perdidos Hot Springs This being part of the astonishing The Springs Resort, you can get a day pass and enjoy amazing panoramic views as well as a relaxing time at the hot springs, make sure you visit the unique little pools at the bottom of the resort that are immerse in the rainforest at the most peaceful place on earth. 4. Eco Termales A great option to relax and explore. Although it is a smaller option, it also is a more exclusive place, is not as crowded as other places get from time to time and also has its pools also filled with the river water, very natural and relaxing ambience. 5. Paradise Hot Springs Another beautiful, little place to enjoy a relaxing time. It's located right in front of the volcano which makes you have a wonderful view too. Transportation is only included with Los Perdidos option, to all other options you can drive or call a taxi from frontdesk. Depending to your hotel location these can be from 5 up to 25 minutes away. Which one do you prefer? You can combine any of these options with any activity you do during the day or you can get a day pass too and enjoy of a nice lunch or dinner, just ask us!