Arenal Volcano Hike Guided Tour

  • 3 Hours Total
  • Offered In English
  • Transportation Provided
  • Highly Recommended

Known worldwide and considered one of Costa Rica’s 7 wonders, Arenal Volcano is a must to see on your trip to Costa Rica. Even though the crater entered a resting stage since 2010, the trails at the different reserves  gathers a very interesting history and a lush rainforest

Tour Itinerary

2:00pm: Hotel Pick Up

Get ready to visit the main attracion, the Majestic Arenal Volcano

2:30pm: The Sleeping Giant

Rainforest Explorers, based on our purpose to personalize your tour, offer 3 different trails to explore Arenal Volcano parks, they are Arenal Volcano National Park, El Silencio Reserve, Lava 1968 Reserve, they are all close to each other meaning that the type of forest, and volcano view are quite similar; the idea is that you let your guide know your expectations for this volcano hike, and based on your preferences he will recommend you what trail is best for your interests, making it interactive and allowing visitors to choose what they want to enjoy. Something very important to mention is that hiking to the volcano crater is forbidden by the Costa Rican laws, it is dangerous because of the volcano gases and the topography. Hikes and trails are at the base of the volcano, allowing for beautiful views and an informative history walk that our local guides are willing to share with travellers. The trails are about 2.5 miles each, the hike around Arenal Volcano takes from 2 to 2.3 hours, partly through old lava flow, and the other half inside the rainforest through the enchanting trails at the base of the majestic Arenal Volcano.

5:00pm: Mission accomplished

Your volcano hike is done, you have a great collection of pictures and unforgettable day for the rest of your life, we will drop you off right at your hotel.

Customer Reviews

Julio has been our tour guide in the El Silencio Reserve Arenal, he's very good, providing lot of information on the flora, fauna and of course in the vulcanos in general and in particolar of the Arenal. We did not see many animals but we know: it is nature, we were happy for the 3hours (and more!) tour for what se have been able to see and learn. Pura vida.

Stefania Galliti

Reviewed on 2018-12-27

Frequently Asked Questions

Is transportation included?

Transportation is included from any hotel in La Fortuna and the Arenal area, some hotels are located further away from the main area, in this case an extra fee may apply. If your place is not on the list just ask us!

How long does it take?

Choose the time sloth that you prefer, either morning or afternoon, pick up is usually between 30 minutes to 1 hour (it varies depending on the location of your hotel) and takes about 4 hours to complete.

Are any meals included?

Some snacks like fruits and water are provided during the activity.

Can kids go on the tours?

Sure they can! Everyone can have a great time at the volcano national park, although we believe is more enjoyable for kids 4 years old and over.

What clothing and shoes should wear?

Hiking shoes or sneakers will be ideal for the hike as well as comfortable clothes: shorts, t-shirts, tank tops. Bring also mosquito repellent and sunscreen and a raincoat in case of an usual rainshower.

Should bring a camera or phone?

Sure, keep in mind it will be under your supervision and we highly recommend a waterproof case.

Is a good physical condition required?

Not entirely, the walk at the volcano is not though, there are different trails that can be explored and go from 2 km up to 3 km (1.2 - 2 miles). Pace is slowed since you will be with a guide giving you information about the volcano, the birds and wildlife found on the way and time to take nice pictures. Depending in the trail chosen a little elevation will be required. The guide will choose with the group the right option.

What happens if rains?

If a shower or rain happens before or during the tour, it continues as planned, remember is the rainforest and it should be expected. Unless there is a tropical storm in sight then the tour may be cancelled or postponed but we will contact you in advance to inform you.

Is transportation offered from other destinations?

Yes, we offer pick up and drop off to most destinations in the country, please contact us to coordinate it and quote the extra fee.

What is the cancellation policy?

We are very accessible, with a 24 hour notice you can get a refund, just don't forget to notify us.

What's the weather like in Arenal?

We have in Arenal Tropical weather, it means is usually hot and humid with some rain always on the sight, not heavy rain, usually sun showers towards the end of the afternoon or late evenings. During the months of January, February, March which are considered to be summer, temperature goes between 28°-32° Celsius or 82-90 Fahrenheit and during the rainy season it varies from 22°-28° centigrades or 71-82 Fahrenheit.

What are the main attractions in the area?

We consider Arenal to be the epicenter of adventure! Being the number one favorite destination of the world according to tripadvisor it offers pretty much every activity that can be done in the country in one destination. You can stay in Arenal for weeks and will always have something different to to every day. There are main attractions for every one, there are the activities that will bring up your adrenaline such as whitewater rafting, zipline, waterfall rappelling, lake kayaking, biking, strenuous hikes, waterfalls and more. But if are not such an adventure seeker can find other kind of activities like peaceful walks, hanging bridges, gardens, safari and bloat trips to sightsee, cultural events and many more.

What is the difference in the hot springs?

That's a great question, there are many different resorts that offer hot springs, some are for guests use only which is fine because are more exclusive and quiet but if wish to explore more options or if you stay at a hotel with no hot springs there are plenty of options to choose from. Tabacon Resort and Spa Being one of the most popular natural hot springs spot in the world most visitors come to enjoy the peaceful surroundings with a variety of pools of different temperatures and sizes all hidden within the most wonderful and attractive tropical gardens that open up the way for relaxing exploration. The pools are filled with water from an actual hot water river that flows all around the property. There is anything more natural than this. Temperatures vary from 22° to 40° Celsius (72-105F) and you can see small natural cascades to soften your body and spirit. 2. Baldi Hot Springs Consider as the largest hot springs in the world it offers 25 pools of all sizes and temperatures amidst the rainforest surrounded by waterfalls and caves so that everyone can enjoy. Is more like a family place, it offers a water playground for the little ones, water slides, caves to explore, wet bars and restaurants so that everybody can spend a relaxing and fun time. 3. Los Perdidos Hot Springs This being part of the astonishing The Springs Resort, you can get a day pass and enjoy amazing panoramic views as well as a relaxing time at the hot springs, make sure you visit the unique little pools at the bottom of the resort that are immerse in the rainforest at the most peaceful place on earth. 4. Eco Termales A great option to relax and explore. Although it is a smaller option, it also is a more exclusive place, is not as crowded as other places get from time to time and also has its pools also filled with the river water, very natural and relaxing ambience. 5. Paradise Hot Springs Another beautiful, little place to enjoy a relaxing time. It's located right in front of the volcano which makes you have a wonderful view too. Transportation is only included with Los Perdidos option, to all other options you can drive or call a taxi from frontdesk. Depending to your hotel location these can be from 5 up to 25 minutes away. Which one do you prefer? You can combine any of these options with any activity you do during the day or you can get a day pass too and enjoy of a nice lunch or dinner, just ask us!