Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Sky Tram and Sky Trek

  • 7 Hours Approximately Hours Total
  • Offered In English
  • Typical Lunch Provided
  • Transportation Provided
  • Highly Recommended

Because we know there are so many hike lovers, nature lovers and adrenaline seekers… by visiting the mystic cloud forest in Monteverde will take you to a fantastic hike and do the best zipline at the Sky Trek. We have come up with the best option for you!

This unique combination can take you on a wonderful hike during the day at this important site of the region and end up doing the best zipline of the country, all in one day! Which is also the perfect tour if you wish to explore as much as possible but don't have enough time to go through it all…

We will start by visiting the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve early in the morning, you will go on one on the well maintained trails where need to be ready to sightsee and appreciate the beauty of the morning fog as well as all the birds looking out for food and interacting with the plants that feed them. After approximately two and a half hours here admiring and learning all about the continental division you will head back to the entrance to get ready for the next expedition…

We will visit El Rancho de Lelo and have a one of a kind lunch experience, located at 20 minutes from Monteverde nestled in a relaxing,natural ambiance this local farm will be waiting for you to explore its peaceful surrounding, the pristine rivers and mountain views while checking out the farm animals such as pigs, chicken, cows, tilapia ponds and be a witness of this dreamed organic plantation that grows everything you will eat.

After the best lunch you will have in the country is finished we will go to Sky Adventures Park and begin the best zipline tour you will ever find! This thrilling adventure will start with the Sky Tram which is the little, safe, gondola that will take you above in middle of the clouds to the highest point where you will find an observatory to admire the magic cloud forest from the sky and then continue on a small hike towards the first platform to get started with the ziplines on the way down. In total there will be 8 zip lines of different lengths and heights, the total duration is of about 2 hours to complete.

Tour Itinerary

7:30 approximately: Be ready and bring everything you need.

We will start the pick ups at 7:30 am, depending on the location of your hotel the exact time may vary, a few minutes later or earlier, but the exact time will get confirmed to you via email. Make sure to take with you everything you need since will get back by the end of the afternoon.

8:00 am approximately: Let's explore the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

As we enter this unique park you will find immerse in the beauty of the natural cloud forest, surrounded by fog and beautiful sounds, your guide will be with you at all times, while at the trails which will extend for about two and a half hours you will gain information of the reserve itself, the birds you will see or listen, the plants, trees, orchids, insects and all the ecosystems that will be on your path.

10:30 am approximately: Local Farm Visit

We will exit the reserve, get some refreshments such as water and fruits and head to our next destination, El Rancho de Lelo for a nice self guided tour on a local farm and a tasty lunch.

11:00 am Approximately: The ideal farm and lunch!

You will enter the San Luis Valley just a little outside of Monteverde, here you can see many clear water rivers surrounded by the mountains and will enter the great Ranch at Lelo’s. Here you can go and explore the farm and see everything it has to offer such as coffee plantation, sugar cane plantation, their own tilapia ponds for fresh fish every day, see the farm animals and see the organic plantation where all food comes from. The menu here is for everyone, you can have a nice vegetarian meal such as a Zucchini Lasagna or eat a fresh Tilapia, chicken, or pork all served with the farm species and fresh salads. Let us know your preference or dietary restriction.

1:00 pm Approximately: The exciting Zip Line Tour!

After a short drive from the lunch place the final adventure begins at the Sky Adventure Park where you will be part of the Sky Tram and Sky Trek, you will have from here and on a new perspective of what forests are like… from above the clouds you will see the tree tops and your adrenaline will go up while you do the zip-line on the way down between the canyons and mountains.

3:30 pm approximately: It's been an amazing day!

After this different and fresh hike on the canopy and a wonderful adventure day reaches its end, is time to get back to your hotel where our guide will drop you off wishing you also had a blast.

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