Where to Eat at Monteverde

Who doesn't get hungry in the cloud forest?

Right...? The mist Monteverde provokes anxiety for nice food and hot beverages!

Keep in mind that Monteverde is in the highlands, where the clouds meet the mountains and the dense forest raises, these are characteristics of a cold weather in this area, but that's ok, during the day while out on adventures in the cloud forest or hiking at one of the reserves you will warm up and will be needing food later…

Luckily there are plenty of options to choose from! And there is an important fact you need to know: Monteverde is subdivided in 3 small areas which are Monteverde, Cerro Plano and Santa Elena which is the main town. Hotels, lodges and cabins are located all around these 3 areas and you can find nice restaurants, cafés, bakeries, local sodas and many great options for you to enjoy of a nice meal, a fantastic cup of coffee or a great hot chocolate.

Even if you stay at one of the “furthest” hotel at any of these areas you can easily access any of the other towns, it takes up to 20 minutes to get from Monteverde to Santa Elena which is the longest distance, if needed just coordinate a taxi at the frontdesk and drive to the place of your choice.

Santa Elena is considered the main town, is where most restaurants, supermarkets, souvenir and cafés are located at, so make sure you make some time to visit it and walk around this little village to explore all the hidden options it offers.

Among other suggestions we like recommending these fantastic spots:

The Treehouse Restaurant: located at the heart of Santa Elena is an icon and unique experience where you can have some drinks at this place built around the great tree, in harmony with nature and not on top of it, enjoy of a nice environment with the lights around the tree and laid back feeling to relax. We recommend it for drinks and appetizers.

Sabor Tico Soda: is a small local restaurant where you can have a nice full meal and get a full stomach for a decent price while eating our typical Costa Rican dishes. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Morpho’s Restaurant: It's a fantastic option to combine typical food with a gourmet touch, excellent service and tasty dishes.

Stella’s bakery: A place not to be missed, open for breakfast and throughout the day you can find tasty coffee and amazing pastries, organic food and a great view.

Tell us what you like and we will point the right direction for you, can never be disappointed of anything this mystical destination has to offer.