What to bring to Monteverde

We will tell you so you don't forget of anything important.

Monteverde is located in the highlands, at about 1500 meters in elevation so it is a lot colder up there. During dry season temperatures are around mid 80’s F° and at night, it can go down to the 60’s.

We suggest you take with you the following:

You need a jacket and long pants for Monteverde. Some people wear jeans or khakis with t-shirts or sweaters.

To hike at any of the cloud forest reserves bring a rain jacket and wear closed toed hiking shoes.

Warm sleepwear and socks.

Rain jacket, umbrella, and possibly rain pants.

Bring a backpack for daily use to hold jackets, change of shoes/clothes, poncho, cash and anything else you might carry.

Can bring sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat for the sunny days.

Contact us for any more advise you need, we’ll be most happy to point you on the right direction!