What can I spect about Santa Elena Town

What to expect from the unique Santa Elena town?

Santa Elena is the main town of the Monteverde area, is where you will find everything you may be looking for, many good food restaurants, tasty coffee, unique pastries, supermarkets to supply yourselves, souvenirs, ATM’s and the safe, clean environment it offers to visitors from around the world.

We encourage visitors to explore this beautiful town, don't forget your sweater, in the afternoons and evenings it gets a little chilly… you can also visit the beautiful orchid and butterfly gardens, go to the reptile and amphibian exhibit or even the bat exhibit! Naturalists love these spots, even families can visit them and learn all about these peculiar animals, is quite educational!

If interested in art and culture this is the right place too, there are many art galleries, studios and museums from local artists who are an active part of the community and is a great opportunity to get a unique souvenir too.

You might be wondering what to do in this area… you need to keep in mind that here you will find the best zipline and hanging bridges tours of the country among other fun activities such as canyoning, many reserves to do hiking and sightseeing such as Monteverde Cloud forest Reserve, Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve, Curi Cancha Reserve, Children’s Eternal Forest, bird watching is a fantastic opportunity within any of these parks, here are also amazing night tours that will show you the beautiful magic of the forest at night as well as many nocturnal, fascinating animals and some of the best coffee plantations of Costa Rica.

An important fact that you should know while visiting Monteverde is the condition of the roads, unfortunately these are not all paved yet and at some points they could be somewhat steep. Along the way you will encounter country gravel roads which will make the journey a little bumpy, but what is of a trip without a little adventure?

Some visitors drive without any problem on steep roads and some get spooked, but as any foreign that decides to drive in our country all is asked is to be cautious, drive slowly and always be alert. But if driving is not an option remember there are always other options such as private transfers and shared shuttles.

Tell us what are your main interests while in Monteverde and we will be happy to guide you through the right path.