El Rancho de Lelo

Close from Monteverde we recommend and offer a visit to El Rancho de Lelo for a gastronomic experience, a different place to have a delightful lunch while also enjoying the natural sights that surround this place. What is different about it? You know that is the little things what stands out and this place offers many of them.

Part of travelling to a foreign country is to adventure yourselves and get immerse in the new culture, of course food is an important part of this culture, trying new things is also a magical experience and Costa Rica has so much food to offer!!!

You will be welcomed into a local farm, get ready to enjoy the ride to Rancho de Lelo through mountains and rivers at this picturesque rural area. The owners Don Aurelio and Doña Elvira will be waiting for you and will be serving you the best lunch ever! This beautiful farm is run by this local family and it is sustainable which means they grow and produce everything you will flavor with the balance of keeping in a responsible way the ecosystem. The specialty? Organic food!!! How delicious is that?

You can walk around the farm and witness the beauty of it, interact with some of the farm animals, you will find on your path cows, pigs, chickens, tilapia ponds, a coffee plantation, sugar cane and all types of growing organic food, take it as a “Farm to Table” culinary experience, it can be any fresher than this. Meat and fish will also be farm produced and you will have different options to choose from, you can taste a delicious smoked pork, grilled chicken, tilapia fillet or a zucchini lasagna, all accompanied by fresh vegetables, salads and species.

If you have any dietary restrictions please make sure you keep us informed, we will fix any of the meals of your choice and adjust to your needs. Get one of our lunch included tours in Monteverde and get advantage of this fantastic Costa Rican cuisine.