Monteverde Safety

How safe is Monteverde?

Very! Is that simple…

Think of Monteverde of a very natural destination, surrounded by big mountains, vast forests and 3 lite villages that house about 6500 inhabitants.

These are very quiet villages that welcome visitors to explore the surroundings of these picturesque little towns and the natural spots that offer many alternatives for visitors to be immersed with its culture and nature.

Feel free to visit Santa Elena which is the most “developed” of the towns with most of the restaurants, markets and souvenir shops of the area, locals are really friendly and you will be able to communicate easily, many people will speak english and you can interact with us, make new friends, you know… Pura Vida!

Of course, common sense is always needed when travelling and some tips for you are:

Don't leave your personal things unattended.

Don't go to lonely places.

Park your vehicle where you can see it or where there is a guard looking after it.

Don't call your attention with expensive accessories.

Don't be alone at late hours.

Don't have much cash on you.

Leave passport and valuables at the hotel's safe.

Just follow your instincts to prevent any bad situation.

Don't take it the wrong way, Monteverde is really safe and one of the best places to experience nature and the warmth from the people you meet along the way.