Monteverde Cloud Forest Weather

Wonder what the weather's like in Monteverde?

We can help with that! Monteverde is like no other place you can visit in Costa Rica, located up in between high mountains surrounded by the clouds and the one of a kind cloud forest, Monteverde welcomes visitors from all around the world to explore its untouched forests and admire the beauty it has to offer.

Make sure you pack a cozy coat if you decide to explore the little villages nearby in the afternoons or evenings, as you can imagine for its location in the highlands, it gets a little chilly which opens the opportunity for fresh, hot beverages such as coffee and chocolate and don't forget that due to its geographical position coffee plantations are some of the best of the country at this region.

Weather wise is a little unpredictable, you can have sunny mornings and cloudy afternoons or cloudy mornings and sunny afternoons, ideal to presence breathtaking sunsets from some hotels in the area. Its likely to rain, so make sure you pack also a raincoat… although not necessarily rains every day and when it does, definitely not all day… So don't worry about what to do in the area, rain is not usually hard which allows you to be part of great adventures in the cloud forest, from hikes to zipline, hanging bridges, birdwatching, sightseeing and much more.

Let yourself go and explore the beauty of the mystic Cloud Forest, you will have a one of a kind experience from above the clouds where you can find amazing flora and fauna, great forests and be surrounded by impressing nature, sing the birds singing, spot wildlife and mostly relax!