Monteverde 2018 Travel Guide

In Costa Rica visitors will find one of the biggest protected cloud forests of the world… Monteverde is known as a major ecotourism destination in the country and hosts many wonderful reserves.

National Geographic has named the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve as “the jewel in the crown of forest reserves”, is a destination that nature lovers would not want to miss when visiting Costa Rica, here you will be able to presence the exuberant forests in the highlands and all the wildlife and unique plants it offers to our planet.

Monteverde Things To Do

Join us on a wonderful expedition and give us the chance to show you the best activities to partake in.


About the Monteverde Area

Monteverde is considered as a cold destination in Costa Rica with an annual temperature of 18`C (64`F), located at 1400 mts or 4600 ft above sea level, is also cloudy, windy and humid which makes of it a perfect place to grow some of the best coffee seeds, there are great plantations that you can visit and experience what real coffee is all about, learn the different tasting techniques and get yourselves a nice treat.

But Monteverde has so much more to offer, is one of the most natural places with many protected reserves that you can visit, hiking is the activity that most tourists will do while at this region, you can visit the Monteverde, Santa Elena, Curi-Cancha, Children’s Eternal Cloud Forests Reserves and many more, a vast variety of trails can be taken to hike and experience the myst of the area, see much wildlife along the trails, listen to the birds and try to find them and learn as much as possible from the animals, plants, trees, orchids, insects, reptiles, amphibians and more that you will encounter in all surroundings.

Adventurous people and families can visit this wonderful place too, there is a little of everything to choose from, the best ziplines and suspension bridges can be found in this area, great waterfalls and canyons to explore, can go horseback riding, on ATVs, bungee jumping, amazing gardens to visit, exhibits and a good amount of restaurants to try… many local places can be found as well as gourmet food, excellent cafes with tasteful pastries, coffee and chocolate.

Come, enjoy the unique biodiversity that is offered in the cloud forest, you will be amazed by the countless species that live here some examples are jaguars, ocelots, the resplendent quetzal, hosts the biggest variety of orchids, the number one place in the country for birdwatching and be able to be immersed in nature, relax, let the surrounding forests and sounds make of this a perfect trip in the clouds!

Monteverde Cloud Forest Weather

Wonder what the weather's like in Monteverde?

We can help with that! Monteverde is like no other place you can visit in Costa Rica, located up in between high mountains surrounded by the clouds and the one of a kind cloud forest, Monteverde welcomes visitors from all around the world... Read More

Where to Eat at Monteverde

Who doesn't get hungry in the cloud forest?

Right...? The mist Monteverde provokes anxiety for nice food and hot beverages!

Keep in mind that Monteverde is in the highlands, where the clouds meet the mountains and the dense forest raises, these are characteristics of a cold we... Read More

Monteverde Safety

How safe is Monteverde?

Very! Is that simple…

Think of Monteverde of a very natural destination, surrounded by big mountains, vast forests and 3 lite villages that house about 6500 inhabitants.

These are very quiet villages that welcome visitors to explore the surr... Read More

What can I spect about Santa Elena Town

What to expect from the unique Santa Elena town?

Santa Elena is the main town of the Monteverde area, is where you will find everything you may be looking for, many good food restaurants, tasty coffee, unique pastries, supermarkets to supply yourselves, souvenirs, ATM’s and the safe,... Read More

What to bring to Monteverde

We will tell you so you don't forget of anything important.

Monteverde is located in the highlands, at about 1500 meters in elevation so it is a lot colder up there. During dry season temperatures are around mid 80’s F° and at night, it can go down to the 60’s.

We suggest... Read More

El Rancho de Lelo

Close from Monteverde we recommend and offer a visit to El Rancho de Lelo for a gastronomic experience, a different place to have a delightful lunch while also enjoying the natural sights that surround this place. What is different about it? You know that is the little things what stands out an... Read More