To mention a few tours we can list: Naturalist hiking, Hanging Bridges and trails, Volcano hike, Horseback riding, Safari float, White water rafting, Waterfall Rappelling, Zip lining, Night hikes, and much more that you can find on our tour menu. The vibrant town is called La Fortuna, and offers a nice environment to check it out, you can find souvenir shops, a number of Restaurants, nightlife, ATM, groceries, pharmacy, and a beautiful park.Arenal is easily accessible from either International airports, 3 hours from SJO airport and 4 hours from LIR airport approximately.

Things To Do At Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

Let's help us explore the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica, and give us the chance to show you the best things to do here.

4 in 1 Safari + Waterfall + Volcano + Eco Termales

With this 4in1 combo tour you will be able to experience in the easiest way, without having to rush through the day, 4 of the travellers favorite places such as the river, the waterfall, the volcano and hot springs, who knew you could do it all in a day?

4 in 1 Safari + Waterfall + Volcano + Eco Termales

4 in 1 Safari + Waterfall + Volcano + The Springs

At Rainforest Explorers we understand your needs and what you are looking for, that is why we have created this unique experiences and this fantastic 4 in 1 Combo including a safari float, La Fortuna Waterfall, a volcano hike and a relaxing visit to Los Perdidos Hot Springs at The Springs Resort.

4 in 1 Safari + Waterfall + Volcano + The Springs

4 in 1 Safari + Waterfall + Volcano + Tabacon Hot Springs

Unfortunately not every visitor gets to spend as much they wanted in the Arenal area to experience and explore the rainforest and every thing it offers but with us you get to see the most important highlights, all in one day with this 4 in 1 Combo which includes a nice ride on a river, a visit to the waterfall, the volcano hike and of course the best hot springs at Tabacon Resort.

4 in 1 Safari + Waterfall + Volcano + Tabacon Hot Springs

4 in 1 Safari + Waterfall + Volcano + Baldi Hot Springs

Visitors from all over the world come to Costa Rica and one of the main reasons is to check out our nature! We have it all and can take you with our best guides around the rainforest that Arenal offers with this fantastic combo of a 4 in 1 Safari Float - Fortuna Waterfall - Volcano Hike and Baldi Hot Springs!

4 in 1 Safari + Waterfall + Volcano + Baldi Hot Springs

3 in 1 Hanging Bridges + Waterfall and Volcano Hike

Do you have limited time in the Arenal area? Well, this is the perfect option for you; we have designed an outstanding combination of 3 activities in one to explore the best of the volcano surrounding wonders.

3 in 1 Hanging Bridges + Waterfall and Volcano Hike

3 in 1 Safari + Waterfall and Volcano Hike

We get it! You wish you had more time to explore the real rainforest, but sometimes that is just not the case. That is why we have come up with the perfect 3 in 1 Combo Safari Float + Waterfall + Volcano Hike so that in a nicely distributed day you can get as much as wanted done.

3 in 1 Safari + Waterfall and Volcano Hike

2 in 1 Safari and Fortuna Waterfall

Limited time or simply you don't want a full day tour; this one is specially designed for those who love exploring the beauties of the rain forest.

2 in 1 Safari and Fortuna Waterfall

2 in 1 Hanging Bridges and La Fortuna Waterfall

Feeling like going for a good stroll out in the woods? We are the perfect guys for you! We can take you with this special 2 in 1 Combo to explore the beauty of the Arenal Suspension Bridges and La Fortuna Waterfall and make of this an unforgettable experience!

2 in 1 Hanging Bridges and La Fortuna Waterfall

2 in 1 La Fortuna Waterfall and Arenal Volcano Hike

The 2 in 1 Waterfall and Volcano Hike is our number one combo, the one most seek by travellers of all over the world since it combines 2 of the main features and most natural places of the Arenal area and we give you the best guided visit to fully enjoy your day!

2 in 1 La Fortuna Waterfall and Arenal Volcano Hike

4 in 1 Bridges + Waterfall + Volcano + Baldi Hot Springs

With this 4in1 Combo that will combine the Arenal Hanging Bridges, the most beautiful La Fortuna Waterfall, the must do Volcano National Park and one of the best hot springs in the country you will have the whole package in just one day by visiting not only the highlights if Arenal but some beautiful spots in nature in the middle of the rainforest.

4 in 1 Bridges + Waterfall + Volcano + Baldi Hot Springs

4 in 1 Bridges + Waterfall + Volcano + Tabacon Hot Springs

A day packed of hiking and exploration awaits you, be ready for an informative and memorable day in Arenal, a great chance to see as much as you can in 1 day, you will be surprised of the wonders you can discover in only a few miles around you.

4 in 1 Bridges + Waterfall + Volcano + Tabacon Hot Springs

4 in 1 Bridges + Waterfall + Volcano + The Springs

Stunning scenery and lush rainforest perfectly describes this day. If your aim is to explore and try to cover the most interesting sites in Arenal in one day, this expedition is for you! Get ready for breathtaking views, wildlife, culture, and a great day with Rainforest Explorers.

4 in 1 Bridges + Waterfall + Volcano + The Springs

4 in 1 Bridges + Waterfall + Volcano + Eco Termales

We know you wish to have more time to explore the Arenal area, not always is doable, it will be likely that you will come back and explore more but in the meantime you have to see the best of this amazing rainforest with one of our best 4in1 Combos including the Hanging Bridges, La Fortuna Waterfall, the Volcano Hike and the quiet hot springs at Eco Termales.

4 in 1 Bridges + Waterfall + Volcano + Eco Termales

2 in 1 Safari and Chocolate Tour

This is an outstanding combo for all type of travellers and groups, 100% enjoying scenery, culture, and rain forest.

2 in 1 Safari and Chocolate Tour

2 in 1 Tour - Hanging Bridges + Chocolate Tour

The perfect mix of rain forest, culture, and smooth hiking, providing a great chance to see wildlife and cocoa from plantation to a cup only with this unique 2in1 Hanging Bridges + Chocolate Combo which has everything you need for a nice half day tour in Arenal.

2 in 1 Tour - Hanging Bridges + Chocolate Tour

3 in 1 Hanging Bridges + La Fortuna Waterfall + Chocolate Tour

There is so much to do and see while visiting the Arenal area and we know there is not always enough time to do as much as wanted, that is why we have created these fantastic combos so you can experience some of the highlights of the area by going on this 3in1 Hanging Bridges + La Fortuna Waterfall + Chocolate Tour, all in one day!

3 in 1 Hanging Bridges + La Fortuna Waterfall + Chocolate Tour

3 in 1 Combo tour - Safari Float + La Fortuna Waterfall + Chocolate Tour

Loved by families, this wonderful combo offers an exciting adventure from the oldest to the youngest one. A must do for culture explorers and nature lovers while visiting Arenal.

3 in 1 Combo tour - Safari Float + La Fortuna Waterfall + Chocolate Tour

Hanging Bridges + La Fortuna Waterfall + Safari Float

We offer a great combination for nature lovers with this 3 in 1 Combo which includes the perfect mix of hanging bridges, waterfall hike and safari float, this is a tour that you cannot find anywhere else but here, with the best ones!

Hanging Bridges + La Fortuna Waterfall + Safari Float

Baldi Hot Springs

Baldi Hot Springs is a perfect place with 25 thermo mineral hot water pools flowing from the volcano and ranging in temperatures from 93 F to 152F

Baldi Hot Springs

Arenal Hanging Bridges Guided Tour

A hike to Enjoy and Revitalize, this 2.5 hours guided hike will give you the widest perspective of the rainforest while immersing you in the trails all surrounded by lush vegetation.

Arenal Hanging Bridges Guided Tour

Arenal Volcano Hike Guided Tour

Known worldwide and considered one of Costa Rica's 7 wonders, Arenal Volcano is a must to see on your trip to Costa Rica. Even though the crater entered a resting stage since 2010, the trails at the different reserves  gathers a very interesting history and a lush rainforest

Arenal Volcano Hike Guided Tour

The Springs Hot Springs

The freeform, landscaped pools provide guests with great views of the volcano and a multitude of options. These Arenal hot springs with temperatures ranging from 83F to 103F and environments that vary from raging waterfalls to tranquil forest experiences.

The Springs Hot Springs

Tabacon Hot Springs

Tabacon is flanked by the beautiful Arenal Volcano. The road here literally takes you to the heard of the jungle, so expect the sounds and sights of the native flora and fauna to flood your senses.

Tabacon Hot Springs

Eco Termales Hot Springs and Dinner

Providing visitors with an escape into the natural paradise, combined with all of the necessary comforts to make your experience memorable, filled with the peace and serenity of the tropical rainforest, and impressive views of the Arenal Volcano, which heats and nourishes our waters.

Eco Termales Hot Springs and Dinner

Sky Tram and Sky Trek Arenal Ziplines

Sky Trek is a thrilling zip line circuit flying over the Arenal Volcano trees. Your tour will start riding an open-air gondola from the ground to the heights where you’ll be dropped off at an observation area for fantastic views of the Arenal Volcano and Arenal Lake.

Sky Tram and Sky Trek Arenal Ziplines

Whitewater Rafting Balsa River Class II and III

This is an adventure for everyone! Entire families can be part of this tour as well as the ones who have never done rapids on a river before, this excursion is ideal for beginners, kids (8 years old and over) and anyone who wants to try a real adventure in the rainforest.

Whitewater Rafting Balsa River Class II and III

Horseback Riding Don Tobias

That's right! Horseback riding is an excellent way to explore the rainforest by the Arenal Volcano and Don Tobias is the perfect tour for you.

Horseback Riding Don Tobias

Sarapiqui Whitewater Rafting Class III-IV

Whitewater rafting is one of the adventures that everyone should try at least once in a life time, luckily we have many options in order to practice this activity and Sarapiqui River is one of the best!

Sarapiqui Whitewater Rafting Class III-IV

Pure Trek Canyoning Adventure

Arenal is the number one destination for adventure seekers in Costa Rica and above many other countries of the world, where else can you find so much that is hard for you to choose from? Arenal combines the views of the volcano, the relaxing hot springs and the adventures of the rainforest. If the adrenaline brings you to do waterfall rappelling then this PureTrek Canyoning Tour is what you are looking for!

Pure Trek Canyoning Adventure

People Love Us

Hansel was amazing! He’s engaging, friendly, informative and an all around blast to spend the day with. This tour was the highlight of our 10 day trip and we will definitely be recommending this to our friends and family.

Justin Richardson


Jorge and Jonathan were the BEST! Jorge was so knowledgeable about the country, its history, and all of the wildlife we saw... he really gave me one of the best days I had on my entire vacation! I would highly recommend this full-day tour to anyone - it’s a lot of hiking and your legs will be sore but the views, the education, and the guides themselves are phenomenal and all the walking is SO worth it!



Fantastic experience, felt like family throughout. Far and above exceeded expectations. Friendly and incredibly knowledgable tour guides (much love to Julio and Hansel) and the lunch provided at their local restaurant was just what we needed. Great sense of humor too, can't beat that. Would recommend to any traveller, young or old.

Andrew Bates


Michael was amazing as was the whole tour!! Edgar was also amazing!!! Best tour I’ve ever been on, keep up the good work.

Phil Pollack


Our guide, Jorge, and driver, Minor, were awesome. Jorge went above and beyond to find a toucan for us because we told him we really wanted to see one. The tour was an honest-to-goodness full day (approx 9 hours), so definitely felt like we got our money's worth, and Jorge paced everything really well so we never felt rushed. Also the lunch was OUTSTANDING!

Chelsea Martinez


Edwin, Michael and Hansel were incredible! So much knowledge about Costa Rica enjoying the incredible wildlife and beauty floating the river and exploring the waterfall. The delicious snacks and lunch at the 2 locations were also a highlight! 5 star experience for our family (with 3 adult children) who usually love adventure but equally loved the float and waterfall! A MUST SEE!!

Keri Monroe


Julio has been our tour guide in the El Silencio Reserve Arenal, he's very good, providing lot of information on the flora, fauna and of course in the vulcanos in general and in particolar of the Arenal. We did not see many animals but we know: it is nature, we were happy for the 3hours (and more!) tour for what se have been able to see and learn. Pura vida.

Stefania Galliti


Great tour and great way to see many parts around Arenal Volcano in one day !!

Rob Mews


Our guide Julio was really good and knowledgeable. We had a great time visiting hanging bridges, volcano, waterfall and relaxing time at hot springs. Food was great and Julio was looking after us all day, making sure we are all ok. It was a small group which was great. We could all enjoy listening to our guide. I would highly recommend.

Monika Szkudlarek


We enjoyed our trip and had a great time. The guide was incredible. He made sure we got to see the various type of animals he pointed out. He was fun and excited about what he was doing which made it fun and educational. I would recommend this tour to my friends.

Cindy Defranco


Overall, we're glad we did the volcano hike and have no regrets. But, I didn't think our guide was very helpful. At many times our guide walked well in front of us, at a very fast speed, not allowing us to enjoy our surroundings. I felt like I needed to walk extremely quickly to keep up with him. We told him many times that we were interested in seeing wildlife (and he brought his telescope lens), but only stopped a handful of times to try and spot a bird. It seemed like he was rushing through it. Like I said, my husband and I are glad we did it because him and I had fun together. But, I was hoping for a guide that would have been more personable and helpful.

Megan Ayraud


From start to finish this tour was just incredible. Our tour guide Carlos met us at the hostel and explained how the day was planned out. We started with a tour along the river spotting wildlife, including white faced monkeys, howler monkeys, river otters, and many many birds. We then moved on La Fortuna waterfall and fortunate enough to have a swim. After lunch we hiked up to the Arenal volcano which was breaktaking. Along the way, Carlos was able to spot an abundance of wildlife and gave us the detailed history of the volcano and how it affected thrle nearby towns. Along the way he was able to answer all of our questions regarding everything, from the wildlife to the history of Costa Rica itself. I cannot praise him enough. He was fantastic. The end of the tour finished with relaxing in the hot springs. All food and water was provided and it really was a fantastic day.

Sameena Williamson


Our guide Tony was super. He was very knowledgeable and patient with all of my questions. He showed us several animals, birds, and insects we would never have notice if it wasn't for his expertise.

Nancy A Whitley & Kevin G Whitley


This was a beautiful tour organised with extreme care, punctuality and friendliness. We had the chance to experience all sorts of sights in La fortuna in just 8-9 hours which is great for someone spending just a few days in the area. Our guide Carlos, was very thorough in his explanations and helped us spot every type of wildlife in the floating safari, the road and the waterfal as he was fully equipped. The food was great As it gave us a taste of the local delicacies, as was the overal experience. Albeit a bit pricey, we would fully reccomend this trip and our guide Carlos to anyone in La fortuna.

Iacovos Theodoulou


Hansel and Miguel were so pleasant and amazing! I cannot stress enough.

Kelli McDermott


The entire day was an A+ From the moment we were picked up at our hotel and having our driver point out and take the time to stop for us to see howler monkeys along the road side. Momo could not have made our rafting trip any more enjoyable. Our teenagers had a blast on this wild ride. Branden was an excellent guide and educator on the Costa Rican history. What a great surprise to learn about the sugar cane and moonshine. Truly loved the casada meal prepared for our family. Highly recommend

Nancy Graham


This was one of our best days in Costa Rica and all were excellent. We learned so much about the rain forest, Costa Rica history and enjoyed each part of the tour. This tour was an a great way to see many things if you like to try to pack in as much as you can to your trip. We are an active family but we were all tired at the end of the day, so the hot springs was a great way to end the day. Lots of steps at La Fortuna falls!

Nancy Graham


Ziplining in Costa Rica lived up to the hype! We have traveled to several countries and always been told that CR had the best zipling-it is true! All of the guides were extremely professional. These ziplines are great as you do not hand brake, so you do not have to wear gloves and your fingers will not get caught. Beautiful flying over the rain forest, even if it is raining! Great gift shop as well

Nancy Graham


Had an amazing day with Tony he was awesome!!

Christi Hill


Michael took us on the raft and to the waterfalls. Did a great job narrating and locating animals. Went on the volcano hike with Carlos who was very knowledgeable and enjoyable. He was even able to locate a sloth, red dart frog, and red eye green tree frog to our delight. Thanks for the memories.

Jonathan Frick


Our tour guide was awesome!!!

Jessica Avery


Hensel the tour guide and Edgar the driver were great. Most knowledgeable tour. Regards, Dr. Levinson

Hagit Levinson


I can’t explain how amazing this tour was!!! Our guide Tony was the best and he made it so special!! I loved every minute of the 12 hour day.

Sarah S Spiro


We had a fantastic day touring with Tony. He was calm and peaceful as we walked through the rainforest, but when he spotted wildlife or an interesting plant, he quickly set up his scope and offered fascinating information about what we were seeing. It was like he had superpowers for finding camouflaged critters: an eyelash pit viper, a blue jeans frog, howler monkeys, a toucan, and many colorful birds. He used our phones to take amazing photos through the lens, which was an unexpected treat. The waterfall was gorgeous, and we loved splashing around in the chilly water. Tony kindly offered to snap a photo of us since I had left my phone in the car. Overall, we felt heaps of gratitude for Tony and our driver, Minor, for such a special day.

Sharon Dent


RainForest explorers went above and beyond for our 3-in-one tour! We went on the safari where Carlos, our guide, did such an awesome job stopping and spotting animals. We had our little one (4 year old) and he had a blast. After we finished the safari activity we had a snack before heading over to La Fortuna waterfall. Our driver, Edgar, was our feet and was always very kind transporting us to the next location. La Fortuna waterfall was amazing, and we had the chance to swim in an area where the current wasn't that strong. Moving on to our lunch in la finca. It was amazing! Food was delicious! Best meal we had the entire time in Costa Rica! We even had the opportunity to see some animals who were nearby the finca. Ending our tour with the chocolate tour was great! We had the chance to learn and eat at the same time. I highly recommend RainForest Explorers to anyone thinking of doing tours. Our guide and driver were both very knowledgable and awesome. They were both very hardworking men! They are amazing! I am recommending them to my family and friends.

Daisy Meza


We had such a wonderful time. Thank you. Pura Vida

Garreth Todd


Excellent guides and a lot of fun. Edgar's home was beautiful and his farm was great to explore, he generously detoured to show us these. The guide Tony was very knowledgeable and kept us informed all through the tour.



Our guide William was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. He was able to give us a lot of information about the area and the country as a whole and enjoyed answering our questions. The driver was very good as well. The ladies in Los Angeles where we had lunch were all so kind, and gave us the best meal we had in Costa Rica! Thank you!

Cynthia Portales


Excellent experience! Would highly recommend to all travelers.

Andrew Brueckner


The tour was great!! Our tour guide Jason was wonderful. We saw frogs, spiders and monkeys on the hanging bridge tour. The Fortuna waterfall is worth climbing the 500 steps. We loved the chocolate tour! It was very interesting with a chocolate tasting at the end. The drive to the lunch place was longer than expected but the food was delicious! We highly recommend Rainforest Explorers!

Silke Berlinghof-Nielsen


Tony was an amazing guide full of knowledge and personality!

Katie Hustad



Royner Lopez


The Hanging Bridges were awesome, Carlos took us through every detail and helped us get some amazing photos that we will have forever. We saw bats, snakes, birds, spiders, spider monkeys and howler monkeys. We also saw tons of insects, flowers and plant life, which Carlos described in amazing detail and answered every question he was asked . The lunch following the tour was delicious and authentic with yummy ice cream for dessert. My family picked this tour as our favorite adventure during our 10 day trip, and Carlos was our favorite guide as well. Pura Vida !

Corey Phillips


My tour guide was Hanzel and I must say that he was absolutely amazing. I have been on other tours in different countries and sites, a tour guide can make or break the entire experience and Hanzel was top notch. He was very informative, made funny jokes, was able to answer every question we had asked, and made the experience one of the most memorable in the many trips I've taken. But overall the experience was amazing, from the staff being nice, to all of the animals and insects we were able to see, to the quick response that the company had and how accommodating they were. I would definitely and highly recommend this organization/tour to others that come looking for a great deal with a one of a kind experience. Thank you guys so much!

Henry Workman


Amazing. From start to finish, everything was perfect. Our pick-up was on time, and our tour guides were warm and welcoming. Carlos, who took us on the safari float was fantastic. He spotted all sorts of animals: beautiful birds, white faced monkeys and sloths. His tour was educational, perfect for both adults and kids. Pedro took us to La Fortuna Waterfall and was also an amazing guide, telling us so many amazing facts and just being a wonderful all around host. These two were an incredible pair, not to mention our driver who took us everywhere safely! And finally, the two food stops were fantastic. The snack on the farm is both delicious and interesting. Lunch is stunning, to end up in that spot was magical and the perfect end to a wonderful day. Thank you!

Jessica Goldberg


Jorge was our guide and we loved him. All 3 destinations were amazing - really a perfect day. The only thing we would do differently is maybe not drive so far for lunch. There was a good bit of driving involved with pickups and the sites, so would be nice to eat somewhere more convenient. I was impressed when our guide even stopped along the road to show us a sloth in the trees. Pura Vita!

Martha DuBois


The whole day was fantastic. Our tour guide Michael was great he had lots of information and I loved the scope he brought along which helped I see the animals and get great photos. The snack and lunch was so delicious. I also really appreciate that you went out of your way to help us see a sloth. We saw so many beautiful birds and monkeys. Thank you again for helping experience beautiful Costa Rica.

Ben Fasbinder


Had the pleasure of having tony and minor as a guide. Had a great great time

Marcus torres


We had a fantastic tour with our guide Tony, driver giedy and chocolate tour guide Minor. Tony was fantastic- very friendly and full of knowledge. His ability to spot wildlife was incredible and he really went out of his way to find us species we wanted to see (bats!). We couldn't have been happier!

Claire Durrant


Bernardo and Maynor were both phenomenal. Bernie had an excellent eye seeing so many animals that we missed and made sure we were able to see them. He also was very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions.

Kevin Klima


Was a great was the best...the lunch was really good, a great local experience, and a nice break to the excursions...I was recommended to you guys, and will be recommending myself, going forward!...Pura Vida!

michael woods


The tour guides were amazing . They were so patient and looked out for sloths/toucans and other animals so we could get to see them.

Norma Rojas


We booked this tour through a travel agent and were pleasantly surprised when it was just the two of us on the tour with the guide (sadly we cannot remember his name)! This is the first time we have been to Costa Rica and we are celebrating our honeymoon. Our guide made sure that we were able to enjoy our hanging bridges tour and we were lucky enough to see a sloth right off the bat! When we picked up other passengers, we went to la fortuna and had lunch afterwards. Our guide heard we were on our honeymoon and they even brought us a cake!!! It really gave us a great introduction to Costa Rica and will truly be something that we never forget.

Lauren schupp


Great tour with a professional and knowledgeable guide and skilled driver.

Mirko Svigir


We had an amazing time! Our guide was funny and knowledgeable. We first went to the La Fortuna waterfall. Our guide told us a lot of interesting things about the area and suggested the best places for pictures and swimming. We then had lunch which was so good I almost licked the plate. Seriously, the watermelon juice was incredible. We then did a volcano hike. It was phenomenal. We learned all about the eruption in 1968 and the effects on the community. Our guide even drew little diagrams to help us see how the volcano changed that day. He pointed out volcanic glass. We had incredible views of the volcano. Then we went for a walk through he jungle. He pointed out plants, different insects and animals and talked about the indigenous tribes. On our way back to the resort our guide pulled over so we could see a sloth he saw in the tree! He took pictures for us using his telescope thing. Overall so interesting and beautiful. Would totally recommend this excursion if you want to experience the volcano and really delve into the jungle. Our guide was really fun and cool, the type that you totally feel like he's a friend by the end. Pura vida!

Ingrid Renberg


I did the 2 in 1 Safari Float and La Fortuna Waterfall. It was an amazing experience. So peaceful as we went on the Safari Float, we were the only ones there. Our guilde spotted lots of lizards, a few different kinds of birds and a large family of monkeys. Then we had snack prepared by a local family. It's a little restaurant that they have at there house, nicely decarated with iguanas, birds, cows, and horses roaming around. A true Costa Rica cultural experience. Then we headed to La Fortunate waterfall, it was so beautiful, well worth the short hike, there were children and older adults there so you can do it 😊. Our guide gave us plenty of time to take pictures, swim or just relax by the water. Bring water/hiking shoes. After that we headed to Restaurante Tiquicia for lunch. The food was so delicious. I just wanted to keep eating although I was full. All of that was included in my package . They exceeded my expectations and I had a great time. If you are gonna be in this area you have to do this tour. You will get more than your money's worth. Go for it!!!

Gina Georges


Carlos and William have deep knowledge of the forest plants and animals in the forest. They also provided a lot of information about Costa Rica in general. . We were so impressed that they quickly see or hear animals around us and share the view with their binoculars or scopes. We had an unforgettable experience. Thank you for everything. Gulden and Ahmet Yazgan

Gulden Yazgan


Antonio was very knowledgeable & friendly. We loved this tour & highly recommend it!

Jackie Fury


William and Edgar far exceeded our expectations. Fabulous day!!

Diane Grigg


William and Edgar far exceeded our expectations. Fabulous day!!

Diane Grigg


William and Edgar far exceeded our expectations. Fabulous day!!

Diane Grigg


William and Edgar far exceeded our expectations. Fabulous day!!

Diane Grigg


William and Edgar far exceeded our expectations. Fabulous day!!

Diane Grigg


William and Edgar far exceeded our expectations. Fabulous day!!

Diane Grigg


We had an incredible time with William today and can't imagine having experienced La Fortuna any other way. We saw toucans, monkeys, butterflies, and every plant imaginable. William was informed and experienced beyond compare, and we feel exceedingly lucky to have spent a day with him. We'd highly recommend Rainforest Explorers to anyone looking to visit La Fortuna.

Laura Siqueiros


We had an awesome experience! The tour guide William was funny and extremely knowledgeable about the plants and animals that we saw. William also shared many great personal stories about the volcano and the area that enhanced the experience. The tour was seamless from place to place. They showed up right on time as arranged. Some of the best parts were when they saw random animals on the side of the road and would pullover and let us get out and take pictures. We would highly recommend this tour to anyone looking to have a fun filled day of adventure. Our driver Edgar was great too.

Stacey Roper Keller


Our tour guide William was amazing!! Awesome personality with a lot of info. Definitely learned so much throughout the tour!

Jocelyn Guardado


Our guide was able to find lots of different animals on our walk and told us interesting facts and the history of the area. Excellent!

Michele Fegley


Everything was well paced and balanced. Tony, our guide, answered every question that we had. It was a great time.

Laure Berliner


This was one of the best tours that we were given on our trip. Willam our tour guide was very friendly and patient with us. He was very informative and had many stories to tell! We could tell he loved his job! Edgar our driver was fantastic and super friendly! The food we had for lunch was incredible, the best meal I've eaten on this trip! I would recommend this tour to anyone who comes to visit Costa Rica. Thank you so much to William and Edgar!

Kelly Hernandez


A wonderful day in the hands of Tony the guide and Edgar the driver. On the hanging bridges tour we were treated to fabulous sights including poisonous snakes, poison arrow frogs, tarantulas, toucans, Motmot birds, strangling trees, monkey vines, etc. all explained patiently and expertly. Tony brought with him a high-powered telescope so that we could see distant birds as well as wolf spiders having lunch seemingly 3-inches from your face. The Fortuna falls was a delight, but you have to have good lungs to climb down and up again (500+ stairs). In all, a memorable and delightful tour. Highly recommended.

Ronald Riesenbach


We had the BEST experience today with William. He was so informative, teaching us so much on the hike. He was friendly and fun! Edgar our driver was so friendly too! We are vegetarians and didn't expect much from our lunch. It was one of the BEST vegetarian dishes we have ever eaten! Overall our entire family gave this experience a 10+ on a scale of 1-10. Thank you for one of the best experiences ever!! Thanks William!!

Sharon Bruyere


Minor and Tony were great! Tony was extremely knowledgeable about the wildlife and the nature we toured through. Tony made special stops for us to view some wildlife and we were thrilled to have been able to see a sloth sleeping in a tree. We were also able to see a Howler monkey and many amazing insects and reptiles during our tour of the hanging bridges. Our lunch was traditional Costa Rican fare and it was delicious!!! Thank you for the amazing experience and fun!

Patricia Wallwin


Hansel, our guide and Benny, our driver, were both fabulous. Great overall experience. We really enjoyed the time that was taken to make the tour special- from stopping to see animals and birds to obvious complete love of the area and the ability to share it with us. Thank you so much!

Shawna Day


Wonderful experience. Guide was great

Jim Fiscus


Our tour guide was very interesting and knowledgeable. Everyone was friendly. We will definitely be recommending your services to our friends!! Thank you

James Head


We really enjoyed the personal attention received from our superior tour guide, Antenor (or Antonio, hope we spelled his name correctly). He is knowledgeable about the history of Costa Rica, its geography, and the wildlife habitats. We learned a lot throughout our 3 in 1 tour (hanging bridges, waterfall, and the volcano hike). We were amazed with the natural beatuties Costa Rica has to offer, and the local people are very friendly and accommodating. We will certainly return to this beautiful country. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!!

John Yan


Carlos was a knowledgeable and patient guide. He knew where to look for animals, about the history of the places, and about the trees. And he took invaluable photos for us. The transportation was smooth and clean. Overall it was a great experience.

Silvia Leon


Had an amazing day! Each event was the perfect length and difficulty - nothing was too long that it became boring and neither was it too short. We were taken care of every step of the way so we were free to enjoy the enjoy experience. Carlos, the tour guide went above and beyond and was knowledgeable on everything we saw. He was a master of spying out wildlife and coaxing animals to come out of hiding. He was a blast to talk to and made the whole awesome trip that much better.

Joshua Noggle Waxenbaum


Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable and spotted sloths, monkeys, toucans, blue Jean frogs, some kind of turkey...I think he may have taken 100 photos for us! It was unforgettable! Thank you!

Claire Wilson


We were very happy with our experience with Rainforest Explorers. We had a lot of fun, the food was great, the guides were friendly and experienced. It was a once in a lifetime experience!

Lisa Butters-Smith


Tony was amazing! Very nice and detailed. Customer service is excellent!!!

Marki Rae DeSimone


William and Edgar were amazing! William (our tour guide) was so knowledgable about the area and you can just tell that he loves what he does for a living! Edgar (our awesome driver) was great, as well, and also taught us a lot during our excursions. We had such a wonderful time today and learned so much. William took a lot of pictures for us today which we will cherish forever :) We would recommend them and this company to anyone! P.S. the food was amazing, too!

Tyson Whipple


Carlos was fantastico, he was very knowledgeable and very good at spotting small and/or far away creatures and getting them in his spotting scope for us all to see. He was fun and funny to be around as well as patient with young people and clients of varying degrees of outdoor experience! Very professional,

Matt Desalernos


The tour was amazing, the guides were sociable and happy and made this a wonderful experience. We saw sloths, monkeys, birds and a variety of wild life. Even when the weather got rainy it was beautiful and refreshing. The food was also quite good.

Isabelle capistran


Our guide was amazing. We highly recommend this tour. Perfect for small kids. It was clear that Rainforest has a deep love, appreciation, and knowledge of all of the wonders of Costa Rica. Thank you for a terrific experience.

Shaarik Zafar


What a great day! Our guide was able to spot so much wildlife that we would have missed without him. Thanks for an amazing day!

Angie Peck


William was a very knowledgeable and informant tour guide! Wish we could have spent more time with him!!

Karen Drake


Fabulous tour, Carlos our guide is very knowledgeable and extremely friendly. Great food too!

Janie Hatzer


Gustavo was amazing. He was so knowledgeable and courteous. We had an experience of a lifetime. Sad to leave Arenal. Beautiful beyond words

Alise Lane


William was very knowledgeable about the natural history and wildlife of the region, with lots of good stories to share. The rafting safari and volcano hike were excellent!

Rhonda Sakach


Excellent tour guide. He went above and beyond. He did his best to find the animals that we were interested in seeing. We were very happy with our tour. The tour guide made it an amazing experience. The lunch was delicious.

Lauren Pina


Tony was the perfect "monkey whisperer"



Tony was a great guide, very knowledgeable-pleasant and took the time to explain the area, foliage, animals and history. Would highly recommend. Minor the driver made sure we arrived safely. Thank you



Everybody had a great time

Sheryl Murakami


I booked the Waterfall and Volcano hike. Toni was the guide for the day. He was very knowledgeable and passionate about the volcano, foliage and wildlife. We were very fortunate to see 3 troupes of howler monkeys, birds, spiders and rare one day orchids. He knows the area so well he was able to spot things that most people would have never noticed. I highly recommend this tour. It was flawless from pickup to drop off.

Shaunna Cox


Amazing people, amazing food, one of the best experience I've ever had.

Sheena law


Tony is an amazing tour guide. He showed us a lot of animals during our tour in the hanging bridge park and the volcano hike, we would never have found those animals without his help. Miner is also a great driver, he gave us a safe and fast drive. Thanks so much! We had a great time.

Haiying Gu


Alberto was a great guide. He received a hug from my 9 year old and she is good judge of character

Michael Williams


Alberto was a great guide. He received a hug from my 9 year old and she is good judge of character

Michael Williams


Guide William and Driver Edgar were the best!! Knowledgeable and friendly. They worked to make sure we got the most possible out of our tour.

Steven Babb


Fantastic job all around -on the safari 3 in 1

Marjie Nau


We have had several tours this week with rainforest explorers and each one of the guides was knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. All of the arrangements and meals were outstanding. We received everything we expected and so much more.

Bill Sohn


Really excellent nature tour in inflatable boat + visit to waterfall + lunch and snack. Much more informative than if going on one's own. Thanks to Carlos and William.

Tom & Lavin


Jason was literally the best guide ever. Why? Cause he was knowledgeable about the plants, animals, and Costa Rican culture, patient, thorough with the tour, and his calm demeanor was pleasant. Minor our driver was excellent! He drove skillfully and carefully and cut us a delicious pineapple. It was presented very well and super sweet. We're so happy to have taken this suspended bridges tour, we've gotten to see beautiful poison dart frogs, an eyelash viper, coati, and... "twerk" bird (sorry I forgot the real name but Jason knows lol) thanks for the experience guys!

Joy Jung


jason was an amazing guide. witout jason as a guide, our experience at the hanging bridges would have been completely different. he was great at finding animals, and was extremely knowledgeable about the ecosystem. no other guide service can beat this experience.

Chris Kelley


Carlos and Jason were amazing. They were great with the kids and so extremely informational about animals, birds, monkeys, insects and more. Thank you!!! Perfect family adventure!!

Nicole Halpern


Thanks to Tony we saw many many things we would have missed on our own. He was very knowledgeable regarding the sites, and am expert in bird calls!!! Every birder should book a tour with Tony.

Aaron Chavez


Thanks to Tony we saw many many things we would have missed on our own. He was very knowledgeable regarding the sites, and am expert in bird calls!!! Every birder should book a tour with Tony.

Aaron Chavez


Could use a beer for the drive back. But the stop for coconut water was really great.Tony was very knowledgeable and friendly. Could have spent more time at the water falls. Thank you for a great trip.

Robin voigt


Our favorite tour in Costa Rica so far. William provided not only provided superb traditional information regarding the local flora and fauna but also first hand accounts of the area and culture that went above and beyond what was expected of a tour. We highly recommend this tour AND William as your guide!!!

Kyla Jamieson


Carlos was very knowledgeable and personable, nice tour.

Richard Sutton


We had a fantastic time. Johan, Tony, Pedro were wonderful guides and driver, very informative. The 3 in 1 was a great tour. We highly recommend this company.

Laura Folkes


Wonderful experiences with William and Jason today. Both were able to provide great information Action on the areas we visited, and incredible abilities to spot birds, reptiles and animals. Also - the vans were very comfortable and there was no shortage of water.

Kathleen (Kate) Robson


Fantastic day Tony was wonderful. Incredible eye and very helpful in getting great pictures.

Robert Bauer


William was a fantastic and very knowledgeable guide whose passion for the area was infectious and we would recommend him to anyone. His ability to spot wildlife was amazing! We had a full day but never felt rushed. Thanks for a brilliant day. Kevin & Vanessa

Kevin Steen


Great day tour. Worth every penny

Nabeela Khan


Tony was a great guide! He spotted all kinds of animals and got us great pictures. The tour was well organized and we had plenty of time at the waterfall, did not feel rushed at all. And the food was amazing!

Karolynn Horan


Tony did a fantastic job at showing us the rain forest, the bridges, wildlife, plant life, and was very friendly. We would totally recommend him for any sort of guided tour. His English is impeccable and yet he makes it easy for you to engage him in Spanish as well.

Kurt Church


Carlos is very personable and very knowledgeable. Also, we are impressed with your organization's logistics.

Jody Charmatz


Excellent work by Carlos...very knowledgeable guide

Tushar Anand


William was full of knowledge => history of Arenal volcano, plants and animals. We saw an eye lash viper, howler & spider monkeys, coatis, wild pigs, tarantulas, toucans, wild turkey, sloths => what didn’t we see? Our snack and lunch were delicious! And our driver Minor was a great driver, didn't drive fast like a wild maniac which we appreciated. You couldn't ask for anything more!

Robin L Burgess


Carlos was our guide and he was quite simply amazing, we thoroughly enjoyed our day! It is always a pleasure to listen to someone weave a little magic by blending scientific information, a thorough understanding of the environment, and humour into one story after another. Very happy to have seen eyelash pit vipers, a tarantula, several monkeys, birds and especially for us, a toucan. It was very special to see everything so clearly through the telescopic viewer and then to be able to take crystal clear photos as well. You see and learn so much more with a guide, especially one who is enthusiastic and proud of what he does.

Gregory L Nicol


Carlos our guide was very knowledgable and fun! Edgar was a great driver and also a pleasure to talk to!

Jennifer Menzies


The 4 in 1 tour was fantastic. Tony was an excellent guide. He went above and beyond to ensure we had a great day. He is extremely knowledgable about the wildlife, and the country. He spotted a Sloth that we would never have seen and a family of monkeys including babies. We saw three types of Kingfisher which is pretty exceptional. The food is perfect and lots of it. I would recommend the tour to anybody that wants a full day of amazing sites in Arenal.

Laura Alonso


Tony was a fantastic guide. We really enjoyed our tour. 5 stars!!!!!!

Cynthia Upham


Carlos and Mainor were fantastic! We had a wonderful day, weather was perfect and Carols was incredibly knowledgeable about...everything! Huge bonus that he had a scope and we were able to have a crystal clear view of all the wildlife (sloths in trees, vipers tucked away at tree stumps and various birds not to mention hiding tarantulas and other creepy spiders and lizards). Carlos answered every question with ease! Everything from types of trees, plants, flowers to how ants carry leaves to their homes! Hanging bridges, waterfall and cacao plantation were amazing. Great lunch, plenty of snacks, fresh was perfect!

Jenna Rivers


Guillermo and Minor (driver, excuse my spelling!) were fantastic. The waterfall and swimming hole were beautiful and refreshing. The Arenal Volcano hike was so full of knowledge and unreal beautiful. We saw a sloth, a toucan and spider monkeys, plus the volcano top because of the perfect weather. Guillermo was very informative with his 27 guiding years of knowledge, yet shared our excitement in every exotic creature we saw, as though it was his first time as well.

Kyle Pigeau


Fantastic day! Friendly and knowledgeable guide. Highly recommended!

Kelly O'Brien


William was a fantastic tour guide! 10/10! He was very informative, patient, and took the time to show us everything and explain all the details. We enjoyed the tour very much and he was what made the experience so awesome!!! I will recommend him to all my friends! Edgar was an amazing driver and was very patient and let us pull over for photos whenever we asked! Thank you so much William & Edgar!

Suzanne Kim


The guide is great.knowledgeable,

Heidi Fahey


Exceptional tour guide Carlos. Great food, awesomr trails..Pura Vida!! overall a great experience. THANK YOU

Anup Krishnan


A wonderful experience. Justin is very knowledgeable and is great with people. We saw a great variety of animals thanks to Justin's ability to sense the animals' presence. Our driver miner and William were also very good. Everyone went above and beyond to make sure we had an enjoyable experience. Thank-you

Peter Lundeen


Carlos and Jason were amazing. Very knowledgeable diffenatly learned a lot about the different species of animals and even some history lessons. Snack and lunch were delicious.

Jessica melendez


Amazing experience! All of the guides were amazing and very helpful. Everyone was humorous but put the safety of the tourists first. It was a thrilling experience and I would recommend it to anyone travelling to Manuel Antonio

Nick DeNucci


Very nice tour with a very knowledgeabke guide (Carlos). He spotted many birds for us to see and our daughters (7 and 8) were thilled. He knew many interesting things, wish the tour could have lasted longer. The van was very nice and clean.

Roxana Badin


The tour we did was enjoyable and very non-strenuous. Perfect for people who want to enjoy all the beauty this area has to offer without doing much physical activity. (The steps leading to the waterfall may be difficult for seniors or those with disabilities, but is manageable even for those who are pretty out-of-shape). Miguel was very friendly and informative, teaching us all about the different plants and animals in the forest, drawing on his own experiences as a born-and-raised native who grew up on the mountain and survived the volcano eruption of 1968. He went above and beyond to show us cool things, even docking the raft to go into the woods and bring us a poison dart frog to look at. The waterfall was a fun experience, the volcano was beautiful, and the short hike was a nice end to the day. The food was amazing as well.

Kamenko Pajic


Our guide was amazing! He was ver knowledgeable about everything and spoke great English. He was always on the look out for something amazing to see! Hope to come back soon! Thank you

Kolby Weber


Our guide was amazing! He was ver knowledgeable about everything and spoke great English. He was always on the look out for something amazing to see! Hope to come back soon! Thank you

Kolby Weber


Carlos was fantastic! He was kind, patient, and informative. He was funny and very pleasant. He answered all of our questions and spotted so many amazing animals. We were very impressed with him. We highly recommend Carlos as an excellent guide!

Carlos Manovel


Carlos was awesome - had a great time - saw a lot of animals! We also got some great pictures via the scope. Thanks for a great time!

Jamie Miller


Very good experience!



Soy un comentario de prueba, gracias.

Royner Prueba


Amazing overall experience! We went as a family and loved all the sights, as well as the animals. The staff are very nice and knowledgeable. Thank you for an amazing day!

Catherine Berka


We had a fantastic day doing the 3 tours. The level of knowledge, patience and service from our guides and driver went above and beyond anything we could have hoped for. The food was also excellent! Thanks Jorge and company for a truly excellent day!

Louis Van Duerm


Carlos knows how to treat customer very nice.Very pleasant person,very knowledgeable and great English .we are very happy with his service.Nice to have this kind of person in your team.

harshil boghara


Carlos and Edgar were AMAZING! My daughters said that this was the best thing that they have done in Costa Rica so far. The 2in1 tour was great. We took our 3 year old daughter with us so it was a little hard at first, but a great workout for the family. If you ever choose to go on an Arenal tour, ask for Carlos to be your guide. The most knowledgeable, exciting, and fun tour guide I've ever come across. We had a very enjoyable time and truly felt like the experience was the highlight of our vacation. And Edgar was our amazing driver who was very sweet and safe!

Basem Hamid


Very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Made sure our experience was as good as could be.

Pete Clubb


Very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Made sure our experience was as good as could be.

Pete Clubb


Exceptional local knowledge. Our guides were incredibly friendly, helpful, and took great care of us. Our family enjoyed every minute of the trip, highly recommend for other travelers. Our guides, Hanzel, William and Miguel were fantastic. Pura vida!

Rachel Boisjolie


Our guide Carlos Bonilla was very informative about the safari tour. He was able to spot several sloths and other animals. The tour is very relaxing, you sit in a tube and float down the river while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. We also did the Chocolate tour. The olivio family- Minor(owner), his son Otto and wife Yessenia gave a tour of their beautiful property. We had fresh coconut water from the tree on their farm. They squeezed sugarcane juice in front of us-my 11 year old daughter helped squeeze the sugarcane through the machine. Otto showed the chocolate making process in great detail. Yessenia gave a lot of history about cocoa farm, walked us through the farm and at the same time explaining about the farming . It was one of a kind experience and I would highly recommend this to enthusiastic learners!

Sumeet Kumar


Carlos was exceptional! Very enthusiastic on all the tours. His knowledge on ecology and geology made the boat and volcano tour very educational and engaging. Carlos is very sociable and friendly, paired with Edagar they were an team. Edagar was a very good driver and helpful at all times. Highly recommended for all/any Costa Rican tours!!!😊

Curt Rackal


This is Jose and Mackenzie, our names didn't show up on the website but we loved the whole tour. Our guide tony , was amazing, he has a great eye for wild life he's a cool and friendly dude.

Alicia Root


This was an amazing tour and tony and the driver were amazing tour guides. They were so knowledgeable about the local history and wildlife. It was very impressive. They also spotted several spider monkeys, a sloth, and several other amazing animals that we never would have found on our own. It was truly an amazing experience.

Sara Ghassemzadeh


Tony and Mir, were fantastic! Tony was exceptionally knowledgeable and had a thorough understanding of the ecology and explained in detail how the different species of animals and insects we encountered, lived. As well as the plant life. In all my travels, I don't remember having such an amazing tour guide! Mir, our driver, was responsive to our needs and stopped when needed and safely got us from one destination to the other with out making us feel rushed or unsafe! :)

Tracy Colletto


Jason couldn't have been more awesome! We learned so much about the Costa Rican rainforest and wildlife. He was the perfect choice for us and represented the very best of what your company offers.

Cheryl Stewart


Jason couldn't have been more awesome! We learned so much about the Costa Rican rainforest and wildlife. He was the perfect choice for us and represented the very best of what your company offers.

Cheryl Stewart


Great, kind and knowledgeable guides with delicious stops! They put in the extra effort to make sure we saw amazing animals!

Jake Williams


Antonio was great, he explained everything very well and showed us some wonders!

Ameeta Mehta


terrific experience . I recommend the trip. Our driver and guide arrived on time and were very friendly and professional. They showed us a lot of interesting animals and helped us take some really memorable photos, too. Our lunch afterwards was delicious.

Siobhan Blake


Our tour guide, Anthony, was excellent, gave us great amount of information regarding the area and the animals. Our driver Edgar was excellent as well he drove safely and offered us water several times throughout the trip. We were fortunate enough to see many animals in the safari float, snacks afterwards was delicious. The waterfall walk was tiring but worth going down and up the steps. Lunch was delicious and the chocolate tour was amazing. My only regret was eating too much at lunch as we received several fruit samples at the Chocolate Tour that we weren't aware that we would be receiving. Our time at the Chocolate Tour was very informative and the family that runs the farm there were very kind to us and showed us so much that we did not know. Only suggestion for the Chocolate tour is to warn the visitors a bit more regarding mosquitos and changing into better clothing or applying more bug repellent than usual to avoid bites. Overall I would recommend this 3 in 1 tour to everyone who wants to have an adventurous and informative filled day.

jessica santiago


Carlos is very knowledgeable and helped us spot many animals along the float ride, including sloth, howler monkeys, porcupine, and many kinds of birds. The local snack and lunch were both very good as well. The car ride was good and the car was kept spotless and in perfect condition. Kudos to the driver Edgar. It was a great and unique experience overall. Thank you!

Michael Woo


Jason was very knowledgeable about all of the local flora and fauna of the hanging bridges. When we were done, there was a snack of pineapple and cookies waiting for us, which was excellent. Then, we went to the La Fortuna waterfall. The swimming was cold but very cool. Lunch was excellent as well. Finally, we went to the lava trail. Jason told us all about the history of Volcán Arenal, and it was fascinating.

Logan Trimble



Royner Prueba



Royner Prueba



Royner Prueba


I had an awesome tour with William to the La Fortuna Waterfall and Arenal Volcano National Park with my sister this last week! We were picked up promptly from our hotel and driven to the waterfall with a group of six more people. We swam in the water at the waterfall and had a blast. William took us to a home for a delicious Costa Rican lunch of choice of beef, chicken or fish with rice, beans, fried banana, drinks and ice cream. Then we went to the Arenal Volcano where William educated us on the history as well as all the flora and fauna of the volcano, plants and wildlife. Saw a toucan in a tree. William is a perfect guide! He dropped us off back at our hotel on time. Everything was wonderful. Thank you!

Nicki Branch


This tour was amazing! Our guide was so knowledgeable and showed us so much we would have missed without him! We felt like we got to experience the real Costa Rica. I would recommend this tour to anyone!

Emily James


Our 3 in 1 trip was one of the best travel experiences we have had ever, and we do a lot of traveling. Spending time with William, Edgar and Edgar's family was beyond just sightseeing. You don't just see Costa Rica, these people make you feel a part of it. William had so many great stories about his life and times he could and should write a book! He is a field expert with a lifetime of knowledge of Cost Rican animals, forests, and especially plants and birds. He has climbed the volcano eight times (now no longer permitted). We wanted to see toucans. All he had to do was listen. Then he took us right to them. It was a privilege to spend time with him. Edgar and Ileana were such gracious hosts. We had a chance to meet their new grandson and their daughter Yuliana who helped plan much our experiences in Costa Rica. We were welcomed like family and enjoyed a fabulous home-cooked meal. If you want to experience Costa Rica and not just see it, this tour is for you. We cannot recommend it highly enough.

David Stoner


A pretty awesome day, William was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about this special part of the world, and his sharing of it greatly increased our appreciation and understanding. Would recommend this outing to anyone!!!!!

Chris Green


Awesome tour!! The highlight was going to Edgar's home for an awesome Costa Rican lunch prepared by his wife! Pura vida!

Mary Re


It was a beautiful, relaxing experience. We saw lots of animals and really enjoyed the beauty of Costa Rica! Wonderful guide, very well informed, enthusiastic and friendly.

Snehalata Mandi


The volcano and waterfall tour was a lot of fun! The guides were excellent and knowledgeable, and eating lunch at our driver's house with his family was the best meal of our entire vacation!



Our tour was wonderful, we had a great guide and driver. Our favorite part of the tour was actually the lunch we had at a private home, very special!!! The food was homemade on the porch over a wood fire and delicious. Also would recommend Baldi Hot Springs, the buffet dinner was like nothing I've ever experienced. Again wonderful food, far above expectations for a buffet, great atmosphere. Would HIGHLY recommend Rain Forest explorers! Don't want to give away all of the surprises of the tour but they go ABOVE AND BEYOND to make the entire day special!!!

Lindsey Ward