What can I spect about La Fortuna Town

What should you expect from La Fortuna town?

Amazing views!!! La Fortuna is surrounded by rainforests which makes it a perfect, green destination where you will be able to see many animals while out on tours or the surroundings of most hotels. Some of the animals you can see are the playful monkeys, the smiley sloths, iguanas, toucans, dozens species of beautiful, colorful birds, of course the magnificent volcano which can be seen pretty much from anywhere you stand (if it's not cloudy) and a beautiful little village to treat your selfs.

We suggest visitors to take some time to explore the quaint town of la Fortuna while staying in any of the hotels of the area, La Fortuna will offer a variety of choices of restaurants of all kinds to experience every day good food, you can taste some great coffee at any of the coffee shops or Cafés, taste homemade ice creams, have some tasty tropical drinks, ATM’s if needed to go souvenir shopping to help some of the locals tos well, enjoy of the beautiful gardens of our central park that hosts hundreds of birds and you can just lay back and see the locals living our lives, going to our jobs, running errands, getting the kids to play outside and welcoming our visitors with big smiles so we can all make new friends…

Keep in mind there is plenty to do in the area, besides the volcano there are wonderful waterfalls and rivers you can visit, you can relax at the hot springs but also go on as many adventures as wanted… you can choose from natural guided hikes in the forest to sightsee, to adrenaline filled adventures such as rafting, zipline, waterfall rappelling, biking, kayaking at the lake, tubing, hanging bridges and many more.

Come and enjoy of this beautiful destination, let us know what you like the most doing and we can help you set it all up!