Arenal Volcano Weather

How is weather in the Arenal area?

The answer is very simple, it is a tropical weather!

For its geographical position, Arenal is a rainforest destination which means green color EVERYWHERE!!! From anywhere where you stand or look there will be trees, forests, gardens, flowers, animals and birds which makes it an exotic destination.

Of course the volcano has much to do with the area, offering stunning views and the magical hot springs too…

Arenal is a beautiful valley that opens its way to the magnificent volcano and in between offers to visitors the exuberant forests, natural waterfalls, rivers, hot springs and many opportunities to spot wildlife. The secret for the beauty of this region is rain… but don't worry, is not as bad as it sounds…

As mentioned before we have a tropical weather here which means is pretty warm and a little humid too, specially in the months from January to April which are considered as summer in most other regions of the country but even if it's summer in the rainforest, it rains… usually are shower rains in the afternoons which allows you to enjoy tours during the morning time. It doesn't rain every day, but be ready just in case and bring a raincoat.

In May begins the rainy season which means a bit more rain, usually throughout the evenings but don't worry, tours and activities will still run every day, a little rain hasn't hurt anybody… and on many excursions you will get wet anyways like when hiking to the waterfalls, rafting, rappelling, a visit to the caves, while kayaking at the lake and more… so bringing a change of clothes to some adventures will be ideal.

Don't worry about the weather so much, pack casual clothing, fresh and comfortable, a raincoat (or can get it here) and enjoy one of the best rainforest destinations of the world.