Arenal Volcano Safety

Is the Arenal Volcano area a safe place to travel?

The answer is YES!!! With about 15000 inhabitants in such an extensive area, Arenal is known for its scenic views of the rainforest, the volcano, exotic sunsets and its nice people… or how we say it “Gente Pura Vida”. Pura vida translates literally as “pure life” and it is our come back for so many scenarios like: how are you doing?, thank you, was the tour good?, hi, goodbye, is your trip great?... To all these and more you can answer Pura Vida, it means it's all good!

La Fortuna is also Pura vida, is a safe place to travel, where you can walk up and down the streets at any time without any worries. In La Fortuna town you will find many places to have your meals, some are even open 24/7, souvenir shops, you can see the locals having a relaxing time by the main park, or attending to church, find good spots to share some drinks and mingle with the locals, markets with fresh tropical fruits, cafés and much more. Some will remain open until late at night which means there is always people walking around, either visitors or residents just living our lives.

You can see from time to time the local police vehicles on the main avenues just making sure everyone is safe but there is nothing to be worried about…

There are a couple of hot spots that are very popular among visitors looking for an adventure, these are “El Salto” which is a spot by La Fortuna River and the local hot springs called “El Chollin”, these are 2 places we do not recommend visiting since there is no vigilance there, so pretty much you will be on your own. There have been reports of people being robbed of their belongings while on the water and even the vehicles being robbed but as in any other place of the world the use of common sense comes handy.

Don't leave your personal things unattended, don't go to lonely places, park your vehicle where you can see it or where there is a guard looking after it, don't call your attention with expensive accessories, don't be alone at late hours, don't have much cash on you, leave passport and valuables at the hotel's safe and obvious things that will help you prevent any bad situation.

Don't get me wrong, Arenal is really accessible and safe and one of the best places to experience a cultural and local experience and Los Fortuneños (people from La Fortuna) are very welcoming people… you know, Pura Vida!