Arenal 3 in 1 Tours

Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

There are many ways to experience the Arenal, of course we have the best ways to do it! Our 3in1 Combos will allow you to choose the best 3 activities as you prefer and will be able to do them all in the best way.

You will always be with one of our local and great guides who will show you around, will help you spot the best wildlife while at the rainforest and you will be able to see sloths, monkeys, toucans, reptiles and amphibians, lots of birds, iguanas, beautiful flora and amazing flowers that are all part of this unique destination.

You can mix up our options and select the combo that best fits you, among the options there are hanging brides, safari float, La Fortuna Waterfall, the Arenal Volcano National Park and a chocolate tour.

A tasty lunch is also included with any of our 3in1 Combos, it will be a nice, typical lunch served a local “Rancho” next to a beautiful river in a nearby community so you can remain in harmony with nature at all times. Lunch will always be served after the second activity and you will be able to relax, sit in a comfortable chair and have some delicious fruit drinks.

Everyone can enjoy this tour, even small kids, it may seem like a very long day but you will have plenty of time in between tours, refreshments, fruits and snacks are also provided and you will be grateful to see and experience as much in just one day, we know that not all travelers have much time as desired to explore everything they want, but we can take you to the best highlights and show you what Arenal is all about.

If you stay at a hotel with hot springs you can get to relax at your own comfort at soak for as long as needed, otherwise you maybe interested in our 4in1 Combis which also offer hot springs and dinner.

What combination do you like the most?

3 in 1 Hanging Bridges + Waterfall and Volcano Hike

3 in 1 Hanging Bridges + Waterfall and Volcano Hike

Do you have limited time in Arenal area? Well, this is the perfect option for you; we have designed an outstanding combination to explore the best of the volcano surrounding wonders. This tour is designed for those who love hiking and walking through the canopy forest

3 in 1 Safari + Waterfall and Volcano Hike

3 in 1 Safari + Waterfall and Volcano Hike

Let’s float down the river; start the day with a unique experience at Penas Blancas River where a Safari Float will show you the perfect complement between a filled wildlife ecosystem and the sounds of nature. The float takes 2 to 3 hours and is suitable for the whole family.

4 in 1 Bridges + Waterfall + Volcano + Baldi Hot Springs

4 in 1 Bridges + Waterfall + Volcano + Baldi Hot Springs

Prepare for a full day of nature, sightseeing, and hiking. This full day tour will take you through the highlight of Arenal, making a memorable and well worth it day. The places visited are very scenic and filled with rain forest, a great chance to find some wildlife and take great pictures.

3 in 1 Hanging Bridges + La Fortuna Waterfall + Chocolate Tour

3 in 1 Hanging Bridges + La Fortuna Waterfall + Chocolate Tour

There is so much to do and see while visiting the Arenal area and we know there is not always enough time to do as much as wanted, that is why we have created these fantastic combos so you can experience some of the highlights of the area by going on this 3in1 Hanging Bridges + La Fortuna Waterfall + Chocolate Tour, all in one day!

3 in 1 Combo tour - Safari Float + La Fortuna Waterfall + Chocolate Tour

3 in 1 Combo tour - Safari Float + La Fortuna Waterfall + Chocolate Tour

Loved by families, this wonderful combo offers an exciting adventure from the oldest to the youngest one. A must do for culture explorers and nature lovers while visiting Arenal.


Frecuently Questions

Read some of the most asked questions about Rainforest Explorers Tours.

Is a good physical condition required?

Not entirely, the walk on the bridges is soft and goes at an easy pace so you can learn and see as much as possible of our rainforest. The length of the tour on the longest trail is of 3.2 kilometers (2 miles) and lasts 2 to 2,5 hours to complete. The same will apply when visiting the volcano national park. The hike to the waterfall though is a hike down on steep stairs, 520 stairs to be precise and then back up. Is worth the adventure, kids and people of all ages can do it. You can make it slowly at your own pace and enjoy the views, usually takes 20 minutes on the way down and 25 on the way up. We do not recommend the visit to the waterfall to the ones with hip or knee problems, but if you have any of these conditions and wish to be part of the tour you can remain at the main facilities of the waterfall park where there is an observatory, restrooms and a nice restaurant so you can enjoy of a drink or two. The safari float is a nice, relaxing time seating on the raft and the chocolate tour is a short walk. And at the chocolate tour there is just a little stroll required.

What happens if rains?

If a shower or rain happens before or during the tour, it continues as planned, remember is the rainforest and it should be expected. Unless there is a tropical storm in sight then the tour may be cancelled or postponed but we will contact you in advance to inform you.

Is transportation offered from other destinations?

Yes, we offer pick up and drop off to most destinations in the country, please contact us to coordinate it and quote the extra fee.

What is the cancellation policy?

We are very accessible, with a 24 hour notice you can get a refund, just don't forget to notify us.

How long does it take?

Each 3in1 combo tour is considered to be a full day, will begin by 7am to pick up from the different hotels to be able to get started by 8am, after all 3 activities and lunch has been completed successfully you will head back to the hotel, at around 5:30pm.

Are any meals included?

Since this is a full day trip, we recommend you have a nice breakfast at the hotel, often while on tours some snacks, fruits, water will be provided, also a delicious Costa Rican lunch after the second activity.

Can kids go on the tours?

Sure they can! Everyone can have a great time at the hanging bridges, the safari, chocolate tour and at the waterfall, although we believe is more enjoyable for kids 4 years old and over. It may seem like a very long, exhausting day, but there is plenty of time to relax in between tours and at the end of the day.

What clothing and shoes should wear?

Hiking shoes or sneakers will be ideal for the hikes as well as comfortable clothes: shorts, t-shirts, tank tops. A change of shoes and clothes may be also required if you plan to go for a swim to the refreshing waterfall! Don't forget a bathing suit, there will be changing rooms before starting the hike down to the waterfall if needed. Bring also mosquito repellent and sunscreen and a raincoat in case of an usual rainshower.

Is transportation included?

Transportation with our tours is always included from any hotel in La Fortuna and the Arenal area, some hotels are located further away from the main area, in this case an extra fee may apply. If your place is not on the list just ask us!

Should bring a camera or phone?

Sure, keep in mind it will be under your supervision and we highly recommend a waterproof case.