Arenal Volcano 2018 Travel Guide

Arenal, located in the North low land of the beautiful Costa Rica, only 3 hours away from SJO International Airport and 3.5 hours from LIR International Airport. Home of the popular Arenal Volcano, which stands tall and majestic, proudly surveying the landscape.

Arenal is a must to see on your trip to Costa Rica, this land offers a number of activities and excursion for everyone; from nature, hiking, adventure, wildlife, hot springs, and combo tours, all surrounded by a lush rain forest. You will be amazed of Arenal during your stay.

Arenal Volcano Things To Do

Join us on a wonderful expedition and give us the chance to show you the best activities to partake in.


About the Arenal Volcano Area

When visiting Costa Rica, Arenal is the number one destination you must visit for a few days and be able to explore its lush rainforest, the volcano, waterfalls, hot springs and go on many activities available at this unique place.

Arenal has been described by Tripadvisor as the number one visited destination of the world and a must to visit place when travelling to this beautiful country. Costa Rica is known for many exuberant destinations and Arenal being the most popular of them all offers a wide variety of options to visitors, everything from nature tours, adventures, wildlife and wellness that will make of this an unforgettable experience.

This wonderful place has been developed touristically throughout the years given its great potential and natural resources it has to offer, to begin with is the home of the magnificent Arenal Volcano which remains active and has its perfect shaped cone figure which can be seen from everywhere you stand while visiting, this is the reason why it is also so popular in terms of wellness, given the fact that the volcano is still active (although not erupting) it offers the many hot spring options where you can relax and feel the magic running through your skin filled with minerals and wellbeing for the body.

Arenal offers a large list of places to stay, everything from lodges, hostels, houses, hotels and cabins of all rates and concepts, there is something for everybody, from simple and clean up to large and luxurious resorts, at only 2.5 hours from either San Jose or Liberia airports this is the perfect place to spend a few days while visiting Costa Rica, it offers it all!

As far as activities you will have trouble deciding what to do and where to go, there is just so much to do and see that you will consider that just “a few days” will never be enough…

There are nature tours to sightsee, look for animals in the wild, explore the rainforest, the volcano national park trails, the waterfalls, rivers, mangroves, gardens or if feeling adventurous this is also the ideal place, you can go on extreme hikes to explore the deep of the mountains, secluded parks, lagoons, waterfalls or more adrenaline raising activities such as zipline, whitewater rafting, canyoning, horseback riding, kayaking, visit caves, ride ATV’s, tubing and more. But if also interested in the cultural part of the country and the region you can go on many tours that will help you better understand our “Pura Vida” way of living, taste our delicious dishes, get in contact with locals and learn a new, fun and interesting country, remember we are the happiest place on Earth!

In Arenal you will be able to visit the quaint town of La Fortuna, with its beautiful central park, the church and many dining options where you will have a gastronomic experience, you will find from our little local “Sodas” with nothing but traditional dishes and not high rates to steakhouses, seafood, italian, international food, vegetarian, organic, gourmet, coffee shops and bars, there is a fun, safe vibe and you can have some drinks, have a nice, relaxing time and even mix with the locals and make some new friends.

So, please tell us what your interests are, we can find what’s best for you and make together a one of a kind experience in the Arenal area!

Where to Eat at Arenal Volcano

Who doesn’t love to eat good food in Arenal?

While visiting the Arenal area make sure you have some time to explore the little, quaint town of La Fortuna.

Although most hotels in the area offer to visitors restaurants within their property, it is a good idea to visit at lea... Read More

Arenal Volcano Safety

Is the Arenal Volcano area a safe place to travel?

The answer is YES!!! With about 15000 inhabitants in such an extensive area, Arenal is known for its scenic views of the rainforest, the volcano, exotic sunsets and its nice people… or how we say it “Gente Pura Vida”. Pura vida t... Read More

Arenal Volcano Weather

How is weather in the Arenal area?

The answer is very simple, it is a tropical weather!

For its geographical position, Arenal is a rainforest destination which means green color EVERYWHERE!!! From anywhere where you stand or look there will be trees, forests, gardens, flowers... Read More

What can I spect about La Fortuna Town

What should you expect from La Fortuna town?

Amazing views!!! La Fortuna is surrounded by rainforests which makes it a perfect, green destination where you will be able to see many animals while out on tours or the surroundings of most hotels. Some of the animals you can see are the pl... Read More

What to bring to Arenal

Ready to pack?

This information will help you come prepared to the Arenal area:

Each person has its own preference when travelling to the Arenal area, most people will go on hikes and prefer long pants vs shorts, yoga or workout outfits are also very common since these usua... Read More