Arenal Volcano 2018 Travel Guide

Arenal, located in the North low land of the beautiful Costa Rica, only 3 hours away from SJO International Airport and 3.5 hours from LIR International Airport. Home of the popular Arenal Volcano, which stands tall and majestic, proudly surveying the landscape.

Arenal is a must to see on your trip to Costa Rica, this land offers a number of activities and excursion for everyone; from nature, hiking, adventure, wildlife, hot springs, and combo tours, all surrounded by a lush rain forest. You will be amazed of Arenal during your stay.

Arenal Volcano Things To Do

Join us on a wonderful expedition and give us the chance to show you the best activities to partake in.

Arenal Volcano Family Tours

Are you traveling with children or someone with difficulty to walk long distances? We have a great list of tours around Arenal Volcano area to recommend to you based on your travel conditions and expectations.

2018 Arenal Costa Rica Family Tours
Arenal Volcano Family Tours

Looking for adrenaline while visiting Arenal Volcano area? You are at the right place for adventure tours, we are happy to show you a great list of things to do at Arenal.

2018 Arenal Costa Rica Adventure Tours
Arenal Volcano Family Tours

If you love hiking, Arenal Volcano area offers a great combination of trails in the rain forest that you can not miss, we have a lot of options for you to explore! Check out the list.

2018 Arenal Costa Rica Hiking Tours
Arenal Volcano Family Tours

Trying to take advantage of your time in Arenal and see as much as possible? We have created amazing combo tours for you to see the highlights in an organized and advantageous way.

Arenal 2 in 1 Tours
Arenal Volcano Family Tours

Being the epicenter of nature tours, you should not want to miss a piece of Arenal area, which gathers a rich biodiversity and great chance to find real wildlife, whether you enjoy hiking, boating, swimming, or seating, Arenal offers options for all preferences.

2018 Arenal Costa Rica Nature Tours
Arenal Volcano Family Tours

Enjoy a full day at Arenal Volcano visiting the most popular attractions and activities in this area.

Arenal 4 in 1 Tours
Arenal Volcano Family Tours

Explore the Arenal Volcano area in one day, visiting 3 of the most popular attractions in Arenal Costa Rica.

Arenal 3 in 1 Tours
Arenal Volcano Family Tours

Natural thermal springs are another wonder that describes Arenal Volcano area, certainly an attraction you should not miss. The pools temperature vary from 91˚F to 106˚F. Visitors find the hot springs relaxing, calming, very enchanting, unique, and healing.

Arenal Hot Springs

Frequently Questions About Arenal Costa Rica

Where is the Arenal Volcano Located?

Arenal Volcano is located in the Central lowlands of the beautiful Costa Rica, known for being home of this famous volcano, Arenal also gathers a lush and exuberant rain forest filled with nature, wildlife, beautiful rivers, and breathtaking parks and scenery. Making it a top destination to explore the beauties of Costa Rica and offering a number of activities for your vacation, anything from Nature to Adventure can be found here. To mention a few tours we can list: Naturalist hiking, Hanging Bridges and trails, Volcano hike, Horseback riding, Safari float, White water rafting, Waterfall Rappelling, Zip lining, Night hikes, and much more that you can find on our tour menu. (Aqui ponemos el link de tours)The vibrant town is called La Fortuna, and offers a nice environment to check it out, you can find souvenir shops, a number of Restaurants, nightlife, ATM, groceries, pharmacy, and a beautiful park.Arenal is easily accessible from either International airports, 3 hours from SJO airport and 4 hours from LIR airport approximately.

Which is the closest International Airport from Arenal?

SJO airport is the closest airport from Arenal, located 3 hours away, depending on traffic you may spend less time, around 2.3 hours, traffic is nothing heavy on this road though. This journey involves a very scenic but narrow and curvy road, if you get car sick, packing a pill on your bag is a good idea, you can also stop to enjoy the scenery, take pictures, or just breath and strength your legs.LIR airport is located 3.5 to 4 hours away from Arenal, that being said, in terms of driving distances there is not much difference between landing into SJO or LIR airport. Check out the option with the airline of your preference and make your choice.From either airport it is possible to head towards Arenal right upon arrival, we can coordinate your pick up based on your arrival time..

What restaurants do you recommend?

As most destinations that welcome travellers, gastronomy is a very good part of Arenal and there is a number of options for you to experience different environments and dishes. Costa Rican food is very tasty and is an option everywhere, as well as you can find international food. The small local restaurants are called “Soda”, a good mix of fancy restaurants and sodas are available. If you plan to visit a fancy restaurant you can budget around $50 USD per person for a dinner, and if visiting a Soda you can budget from $10 to $20 USD.

  • Cafe Mediterraneo
  • Rainforest Cafe
  • Lava Lounge
  • Las Brasitas
  • Don Rufino’s
  • Benedictus Restaurant
  • Rancho Perla
  • Cafe Mediterraneo
  • Soda El Rio

What can I do in Arenal Volcano?

Arenal is multi-faceted, if you are thinking of an adventurous or relaxing vacation, this is your best choice. Surrounded by an exuberant rainforest, Arenal offers a great selection of the best tours you can enjoy in Costa Rica.